What it is Like to Gift a Personalized Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have had a very short span if we take a look at the history of watches and its market. Back in the early 20th century, pocket watches were something that were mostly used by business class people and the aristocrats. Pocket watches though came later into the field of watches, but were never considered as the latest watch fashion trends. Ever since its design, it has not only been considered as a portable time measurement and tracking device but it is also an integral part of fashion. However, with the coming of other technologies and various designs of wrist watches, pocket watches had gradually sank in the market and were only to be found in drawers of few people. But with the coming of the concept of engraving in watches, once again these pocket watches have revived in the fashion world and are perhaps the one of the most preferred accessories when it comes to gifting. With engraving concept in place, people believe in using personalized pocket watch for them as well as for gifting. A watch in itself means a lot when gifted. Though gifting is something that requires a person to get into the skill of analytical thinking, most of the times it is not considered to be that deep a concept and is often underestimated. This is why people today are found to be presenting random gifts. Gradually this has led to devaluation of gifts and they are thus mostly considered as a formality rather than a way of expressing the concern or bonding that one holds for another.


Meisterwerk 1862 $149.00
Meisterwerk 1862

A personalized pocket watch can be a perfect gift for people who aren’t really willing to invest time on what actually should be gifted and how should it be presented. A watch when gifted has a lot of meaning behind it and thus is considered as a very special thing that can be gifted to our loved ones. If one considers going through the science of gifting which is one of the most unexplored part of nothing other than human psychology, it is easier to say that a watch, particularly a pocket watch is a gift that matches most of the gifting occasions. One can sight several occasions for gifting. It can be a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a retirement party or just a get together. Gifting varies not only from people to people but also from situation to situation. One might think of a different gift for birthday than one would prefer gifting when it is a retirement party. But most of such occasions can be negotiated with a personalized pocket which is one of the most preferable item to gift.+

Charles Hubert 3575 $129.00
Charles Hubert 3575

A watch with little bit of personalisation done with engraving on it forms the most adorable and memorable gift. Just a gift might seem personal but again there is uncertainty here, which depends on how thoughtful the gift is and how well it matches the requirements and preferences of the person whom it is gifted to. But when it comes to personalised watches or personalised pocket watches with the name of the person engraved on it, brings a greater sense of belonging to it and makes the gift even more special.

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Its Sterling That Changed The Statistics!

A pocket watch has remained the center of attraction for a long time during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Well what would be the poll for pocket watches today against all of it’s competitors today? It is probably going to be more than entire watch family. Surprising isn’t it? Well it should not be  a surprising fact for people who are well known with Sterling Engraved. It is one such watch engraving company that offers the finest engraving for any kind of watch. Be it a wrist watch or a pocket watch, Sterling Engraved is the best place to get it engraved.

Meisterwerk 1874 $139.00
Meisterwerk 1874
Charles Hubert 3534 $169.00
Charles Hubert 3534








The distinguished trend of pocket and wrist watches has opened a new slot for fashion in this arena. With the coming of new brands into the market and venturing into the watch industry, it saw a major leap in the late 20th century. Gradually the attention of the market moved towards wrist watches and then with the coming of smart watches, it completely dominated the market for a small period of time. Currently people have turned their attention largely towards elegant metallic watches branded under big and renowned names in the market. These are largely elite watches with complex metallic multi layered structure. With these trends, the trend spotters and jewellery market analysts reported that the watch market is completely saturated at this point. However, with the outbreak of the concept of engraving watches, the watch industry regained momentum. And this time it was a push for both pocket and wrist watches as with the shift from just a pocket watch from a particular brand to engraved pocket watch and just another wrist watch to an engraved wrist watches, more people saw it as a great accessory builder concept.

Engraving a watch with the bearers name or a preferred connotation so as to personalize it for him brings a greater sense of belonging for the watch and is of course more prestigious and valuable an accessory rather than just a simple watch with a preferred brand. An engraved watch is not only a good accessory to have but it is also an ideal gift for anyone special. Be it any occasion, a marriage or a birthday, graduation or retirement, an engraved pocket watch or just an engraved wrist watches with their initials or some special message on it is a very special gift. It just suits any occasion as it can be personalized with little engraving.

Bulova 96P146 $299.00
Bulova 96P146

Engraving a watch is doubtlessly a special art and should be done with optimum precision in order to preserve the natural structure and look of the watch. So one should always get a watch engraved from a genuine service provider like Sterling Engraved, especially if it is a costly watch from a cool brand. Be it any kind of engraving for gifting or for personal use, Sterling Engraved offers the finest engraving thus giving out the best engraved watches. So what is the wait for? A cool pocket watch is no more an accessory only to be found with aristocrats and business people but It has become a trend to have an engraved pocket watch today. So get a cool branded watch engraved for you today itself from Sterling Engraved.

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Engraved Pocket Watches: A Modern Tradition Of Gifting

MEISTERWERK 1898G $129.00

Being an inevitable part of one’s dressing and personality, watches are always considered as an important accessory. Most people are very sceptical when it comes to choosing the right watches for them. Be it wrist watch or pocket watches, people has always had specific taste of what would look fine for them. Though wrist watches are used most commonly, pocket watches are used mostly by business people, and are mostly preferred for gifting. And what could possibly be a better platform to shop for beautiful and elegant pocket watches than Sterling Engraved. It has the greatest collections of branded pocket watches that looks really elegant and distinguishes you from the rest when you possess it. Though having pocket watches from cool brands makes one feel good, having it engraved with your name or a preferred connotation rather increases the sense of belongingness. Engraved pocket watches are the best gifting options for almost all occasions, be it a birthday, a marriage anniversary or a retirement farewell, it can be personalised as per your requirements and gifted. A personalised gift always has a deep and long lasting mark on one’s memory. When a one is gifted something with his name or a preferred connotation engraved on it, it actually increases the sense of belonging and makes them feel more special.

CHARLES HUBERT 3789 $129.00

Pocket watches were more commonly used in the 20th century and were largely used by business people and aged people. However, with some of the cool brands of the time venturing into these watches, it’s popularity among youngsters and working people has gained momentum in the last few years. A nice and elegant pocket watch is like a sign of elegance and thus makes the person possessing it feel good. Having such great attributes, pocket watches, especially engraved pocket watches makes the best type of gifting accessory. A pocket watch perfectly engraved is an elite asset and a lovely gift for almost all occasions. Again, it is quite easy to decide gifting someone an elite gift like a pocket watch having their initials or a preferred connotation, but it is bit difficult to get a good service provider who can engrave the watches as desired without at all hampering any inner structure of the watches. when it is an elegant, cool branded pocket watch. It is also that difficult to get a perfect service that can engrave it to the right perfections.

Services like Sterling Engraved are the best in the market that can do the engraving for you with end to end accuracy without at all hampering the watch structure. With such services in place, it becomes infinitely easier to wow your beloved ones with the right kind of engraved pocket watches that they can never take off their memories and thus strengthen the relationship bonds. So what’s left to think about? Just choose the right watch, get it engraved and let your loved ones know how much you care for them.

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