Business Retirement Watches

When an employee retires he may get a pension, a bonus, or other compensation. But a symbol for a retiring employee is, and always has been, an engraved presentation watch. The presentation of an engraved watch when someone leaves a business or job is kind of like the cherry on the sundae, it makes it complete. Check out our collection of engraved presentation watches from $200 to $1500.

Engraved Watch – Personalize with words or initials?

So you want an engraved watch – maybe a pocket watch or a wristwatch, and you are not sure what to engrave. Should you do initials, maybe in old english – this makes the watch nice and personal. Should you do wording, to convey a message (like retirement or an anniversary) – this focuses the gift and conveys everything from feelings to a place and date. Either works, and do not forget presentation watches where more information can be added to the presentation plate.

Engraved Watch For Fathers day? Yes!

Fathers Day is just around the corner – a personalized watch is a great gift, but which one? Wrist watches are fantastic if you know him (and his preferences) well. An engravable pocket watch is a unique gift that most men will enjoy and use, it does not have to be so in tune with his exact tastes – he can use it everyday or only on special occasions.

Valentines Day – Presentation Watches

A great idea for valentines day is our presentation engraved watches, either pocket watches or wrist watches – these come in special wood boxes and have a plate on the box for an extended sentiment, phrases and or names & dates. The engraved watch would then have the persons full name, special initials etc. The extra personalization make these perfect gifts for Valentines day!


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