Engraving The Change In The Story

Watches are such a segment of fashion that has engaged people especially men in it’s rim. Having a nice and cool watch represents an elegant personality, and who doesn’t want to look stylish? Further, though manufactured and used for the purpose of keeping track of time initially, now watches have become more of a fashion accessory. The consistently changing fashion industry when turns to watches, a very different side of the story start. The watch industry is literally the ultimate combination of apparel and accessory fashion. This has now taken up a new form and has also become a type of arbitrary fashion which was least expected for a fashion accessory like watches. The new trend of engraved watches has brought about a drastic change in how people perceive the watch fashion. Being an inevitable part of men’s fashion, an engraved watch for him means a sign of elegance. It’s not that this concept has revolutionized the fashion industry but has also made a big difference in the way people do the gifting. Now, it’s nothing so difficult to guess, but what could be a gift better than an elegant and classy accessory like a watch engraved with a personal message? If it is a gift for a man, an engraved watch for him is probably the best gift.

Bulova 98A140 $469.00
Bulova 98A140
Bulova 98L135 $399.00
Bulova 98L135

The fluctuating statistics of the watch industry do hold a lot of interesting landmarks. Other than the most sort after wrist watches, it’s other sibling, the pocket watches also have had a very good  market since it’s very inception. In the late 20th century, the pocket watches were mainly found with people from the bureaucratic and business classes. It wasn’t very common with the common people. With the coming of new technologies into the scenario, and redefining watch designs entering the market, pocket watches have become more common among the almost everyone today. These elite looking watches are simply one-of-a-kind. With little engraving, these can be redefined as the most classy watches, holding which can take your reputation to the next levels. Well the new concept of engraving watches has not only redefined fashion in it’s own dimensions, but has also added a new dimension to the way people used to gift. If you are looking for an ideal gift for someone be it a birthday, anniversary or retirement, an engraved pocket watch for him is one of the best gifting options. Now the question arises that does it make any difference to gift an engraved watch if there are a wide range of other branded classy watches available out there? The answer is quite easy to guess. It’s Yes. Having a branded elite watch is cool but the personalising it as per your name or a connotation is something that promotes you as a brand. If you are planning to gift someone a watch,  an engraved pocket watch for him is just the best option and the one that is most memorable. This actually enhances the sense of belonging to the watch and adds a new dimension of speciality to gifting.

So, what’s the wait for? Move out; get to the next levels of branding!

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Branding Makes Sales, but Re-branding Conquers

How does it feel when you know something very special belongs to you? Yes, it really feels awesome. Well the special thing doesn’t need to be a very expensive sports car or a luxurious house. Though that can be a very special, but their high classic quality is not something that makes it special, but the fact that matters the most is how special it makes you feel. This holds true for everyone regardless of what their priority is. Even the person looking just for riches considers wealth the most important aspect as it makes him feel good to be rich. Well, there is nothing more special than something that declares itself as belonging to you. This is what makes engraved watches one  of the most special things to have. Those lovely watches with sleek and smooth structure brings about a sense of elegance when wearing them. And if these watches are personalised such that it depicts your name or a connotation, it of course manifolds it’s specialty of the watch to you rather than just an accessory.

Caravelle 43B132 $149.00

Recently engraved watches in Florida has been the talk of the town. It is a place where one can shop for several beautiful accessories. To be precise, it has been a hub for fashion accessories. The market here well caters to whatever fashion needs you have or whatever fashion trends you believe in. And needless to mention, it never leaves any stones upturned when it comes to watches. Watches being one of the most important accessory especially for men, holds a cool market here. The service providers here who provide engraved watches in Florida are also many. Sterling Engraved is of the leading service providers who engrave watches from almost all top brands available. One can expect the best quality of engraving done from them. In fact, the best engraved wrist watches are Florida are all normally engraved here in Sterling Engraved. It’s perfection of engraving is reflected in the beauty of watches it engraves. So if you are looking for a cool personalized watch, Sterling Engraved is the right place to head to.  Personalized watches are one of the best options to choose when it comes to gifting. A watch engraved with the name of the person whom the gift is meant for adds to it’s speciality and makes it one of the most memorable gifts to be given.

Meisterwerk 1863 $149.00
Meisterwerk 1863

So what’s the wait for? Just choose your favorite brand of watch and head to Sterling Engraved and let them re-brand the watch according to you. Engraved wrist watches in Florida has been the craze of the time and is something that has conquered the whole market. This trend seems to be a long lasting one as how it has gained mileage in the market within a short span of time. Well who wouldn’t like their accessories to be branded after them?

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Retirement Watches Florida

Human life is a quite interesting and strange kind of a thing. It goes through many loop holes, and sees lots of things during one’s lifetime. Someone has rightly compared human life with Rolla costa. At times it’s up and the other times upside down. Well whatever comes or goes, doesn’t matter much to the flow of life, it keeps going and as it is said, life goes on whatever it be. One cannot control everything, but one can actually do what he/she is supposed to in order to respond to life in an appropriate way and make it a life lived to the fullest. One cannot avoid rough times, neither can bring about good times himself, but one can of course find happiness in each and every moment. The lifetime events like marriage, birthdays, and retirement are parts of life and one has all control to make them special regardless of what life has in store for you. So, if a life is that strange a concept and still the most important ones for all of us, why not to make each and every moment of it just special for ourselves as well as people around us?

retirement watches
                 Caravelle 43b131

A beautiful and memorable gift is something that is seldom ignored and of course something that compels one to take time and recollect memories of the past happy moments. Though many don’t understand the importance of a gift well given, it is more than it’s worth even if it is user expensive. Like other life events, retirement is a major life event for anyone. It defines the end of one’s period of professional service and is a day to stop and look back at life so as to make an analyse of what has been achieved so far in life and what has been missed out. This detachment of one’s life from his carrier should of course be demarcated as a very special day and a memorable gift. Now when it comes to gifting at such a moment, the decision of what to gift becomes difficult. A watch engraved with a special message is one of the best gifts to be given at retirement that one can think of. A watch in itself a sign of elegance and solidarity, further engraving it with the person’s name to whom it is supposed to be gifted simply makes it a masterpiece.

retirement watches in Florida
                Caravelle 45A127

If it is got done from a good service provider who engraves watches with utmost perfection, it can add a new dimension to it’s elegance and increases the sense of belongingness in the person who wears it. The best retirement watches in Florida can be availed from Sterling Engraved which is one of the leading service provider in for engraved watches. So what’s the wait for? Get a cool watch engraved with your initials today from Sterling Engraved and never miss an opportunity to add happiness to someone’s life by making them their special day even more special by giving them a gift of time that claims to belong to them. Sterling Engraved fulfils all these requirements, as they offer the pixel perfect engraving that can get you the best ever retirement watches in Florida.

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Watches At It’s Best Version: The Engraved Watches

Well what’s your fashion code for today? It is a premium elite class formal shirt with a cool jeans? Yes fashion has been this crazy since last few years. Someone defined fashion in a very informal way that anything that is unique and is new becomes fashion. That is partially true but a similar or somewhat the same definition comes to our mind if we look at the fashion trend in the air these days. People have become more specific about each bit of the fashion accessories. The kind of footwear one wears, the kind of eye gears one uses all matter these days. The story is no different for watches. It is one of the most important fashion accessories for both men and women. The taste of watches has always been changing as per the changing fashion trends. It all began in the early 90s when wrist watches with rubber belts used to be something most in demand. Gradually the focus moved towards the metallic watches which remained a centre of attraction until the smart watches came into the scene. This shift in the watch fashion trend sustained over a long period of time until the highly polished and superfine metallic watches were again back in action. Unlike the earlier watches these watches made under some of the finest brands of the time and are made available to almost all sections of the society rather than just the rich and the aristocrats due to it’s affordability.

Charles Hubert 3780 $289.00
Charles Hubert 3780
Meisterwerk 1863 $149.00
Meisterwerk 1863








Not only that the wrist watches have gained popularity these days, but the pocket watches which were once an accessory to be found with just the elite business people and other sections like aristocrats are now one of the bestselling watches. With all these facts about watches, it was bit difficult to guess the future of watches which is now the present. These days, after trying out almost all tastes of watches, people are now looking for what is called an engraved watch. Yes, an engraved watch that is personalised with their initials or a connotation. It’s not that this trend of personalising a watch is limited to wrist watches, people more importantly look for engraved pocket watches as well. Pocket watches were something more common among women and the old people, but with the modern pocket watches entering the scene and added to that availability of engraved pocket watches has considerably increased the number of it’s users.

Though it is quite debatable a topic that what could be a perfect gift for a certain occasion. But ofcourse when it is a gift like an engraved watch to compare with, how long can one keep debating against the endless reasons and charm of gifting someone a watch personalised by engraving some initials or connotation. Be it an engraved wrist watch or engraved pocket watches, they always form the best type of personalised gift for any occasion be it a marriage anniversary, graduation or retirement. Giving someone a gift of time with their name engraved on it is just something that acquires a special place in their heart.

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Engraved Pocket Watches: A Modern Tradition Of Gifting

Engraving It Really Makes A Difference

We all like wearing good looking and gorgeous watches around our wrists. But hasn’t this tradition of wearing watches seen a lamentable shift over the last decade? Watches have disappeared from the wrists of most men and women. It’s now bit hard to imagine that there was a time when almost anyone be it men or women, they all had a wrist watch around their wrist and it was only removed before they sleep at night. We can blame two factors for this shift. The first one being, they all use devices like mobile phones and tablets and are around devices like PCs and laptops all day that show them date and time. This reason is not strong enough to counter to need for wearing watches for the sake of fashion and showcasing a strong and alpha personality. Wearing a classy watch defines an alpha male and that’s what makes it a strong and inevitable part of male fashion.

Bulova 97B121 $389.00
Caravelle 44b104 $179.00

These days the watches commonly found in the market that make their mark as a classy accessory are too expensive and the watches that are available at an affordable rate are not that good to make a big difference. The last decade has witnessed a great shift in the watch fashion and has led people see the watch industry in a new light. With the coming of smart watches, it became more of a device rather than a accessory. But the speciality of watches as one of the most importance accessory for men still stands still in it’s place. The best kind of watch that a man can wear these days is a great looking gorgeous watch personalized with their name or a preferred writing. Believe it or not an something that can really melt a man’s heart is essentially an engraved watch for him with initials related to him or some personal special message. It’s the best gift one can ever gift a man and is just good for any occasion. Be it a wedding ceremony, anniversary, birthday or retirement. If a man has to be gifted something special that can add to his list of unforgettable things, an engraved watch for him is just the right choice to make.

When it comes to perfection, there are few service providers in market who cater to the needs of engraving watches with required initials to the best possible perfection. Engraving watches is more difficult than engraving any other type of accessories. One needs to take care of the metallic lustre while engraving letters on a watch. Apart from that the most classy and branded watches of today that people generally choose for engraving has got complex structures and delicate parts around the dial that needs to be handled very carefully in order to avoids any irreversible damage. But some service providers like Sterling Engraved has got those creative professionals who can get these things done easily with utmost perfection. So why not pick up a watch from a cool brand, get it engraved with a special message and get the perfect engraved watch ready to gift. It is something that one can’t just take it off their memory. Messages are always special especially when engraved on accessories like watches. So what is the wait for? Just go ahead and gift a watch engraved with your personal message to someone whom you care for. And if it’s a gift for a man, of course a perfect engraved watch for him is the best gift to convey a special message to him.

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Don’t Just Gift, Present It!

retirement watches

Watches makes wonderful gifts for all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement. A watch is always a memorable gift irrespective of the occasion it is gifted in and the person it is gifted to. But engraving a watch with a name or a personalized message or connotation, makes it even more memorable and special.  It can always be a special personal as well as corporate gift. Corporate occasions like retirement also demands a very special kind of gift as it comes just once in a lifetime and it’s also an  occasion where people needs to show the love and respect to the person retiring for the dedication he had been giving to the work and the organization. Most corporates prefer watches as the best gifting option at retirement of their employees. Engraved retirement watches add that extra speciality to the gift as of having a personalised message engraved in it. A watch engraved with a message for the retiring employee is not less than a grand token of love and respect shown to him for his time, hard work and dedication to the organization.  It is a gift one would love to keep lifelong and never lets it go. Such a beautiful gift of course deserves such kind of care.

Engraving a watch has also got the risks of damaging the dial or hampering it’s structure. So, one needs to be careful while engraving them. If done locally from engravers, there is always a chance of the watch getting damaged. However, there are professional and expert people who engrave watches of all types, all brands and for all occasions. There are experts who can get the right kind of engraving done for retirement watches. Though the engraving skills required are the same, but the way a watch should be engraved for different occasions differs, and the one needs to find the best people who can engrave the watches with maximum accuracy and better looks without hampering the watch in any way.

engraved wrist watches

Sterling Engraved is one of the leading service providers for engraving watches for all occasions be it marriage anniversary, birthday, retirement or just a special gift for special someone. It pays minute attention to the customer’s needs and customises the type of engraving done accordingly. Being one of the leading service providers in this field, one can expect the best ever services, and unforgettable gifts that become a lifelong memorandum. Especially, when it comes to retirement watches, the best kind of engraving is really important as it acts as a memorandum of the journey through the professional life of a person andit’sdefinitely more than just a gift. It’s a token of love and respect. Such a gift that is associated with so important a memory is literally a part of life and should be given detailed attention to. Sterling Engraved understands this and adheres to the needs of personalised gifting, thus strengthening relationship bonds, which is more than just a service.

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How Time Flies

There is much intertwining in the histories of aviation and watch making. When aviation came along in the early 1900’s there were virtually no wristwatches.  Pocket watches were the rule for men and women wore watches pinned to their blouses.  For those who couldn’t afford a watch the town clock or church bells was they way they kept track of the time of day.  The first recorded mention of a watch that was made specifically for pilots came in 1906.  Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont kept track of his time aloft as a balloon pilot with a pocket watch.  As he started to fly airplanes the pocket watch was impossible to use while manipulating the controls of the airplane in heavy clothing and gloves.  What he needed was a watch that he could attach to his arm with a face large enough that he could see easily without dividing his attention.  His watchmaker friend Louis Cartier made a watch for specifically for him and called it (of course) the Santos-Dumont.  This watch is still being made and is a center piece of the Cartier watch collection.


As aviation advanced so did the wristwatch, to include luminous dials and numbers, extra large numbers and huge crowns that protruded from the case so they could be wound up with gloves on. Charles Lindbergh made his solo trans Atlantic flight in 1927.  With his popularity still soaring, in 1931 he collaborated with Longines to make a watch capable of determining longitude by calculating the sun’s hour angle.  The watch was a huge commercial success for Longines and although few who bought the watch had a real need for determining their longitude position, it was the first time that the public bought in large number a purpose built pilot watch for fashion sake.


Prior to 1930 Breitling was a Swiss watch maker know primarily for it’s stop watches.  in 1934 Breathing developed a wrist watch with separate start/stop function specifically for pilots.  In 1942 Breathing created its Chronomat wrist watch which combined start/stop features with a circular slide rule manipulated by a rotating bezel.  Prior to that there were on panel mounted chronographs in airplanes. In 1954 Breathing debuted is Navitimer watch which added aviations E6B flight computer functions.

It refreshing to me that all of these early “aviation” watches are still around today and have sold to many over decades who will never see the inside of a cockpit.


Watches to Acknowledge Employees

Many of our customers are businesses that are acknowledging their employees for their service. Whether retiring or reaching an employment milestone, our watches are a great way to acknowledge such an event. The appreciation of our product in virtually universal. Our watches custom engraved which makes the gift very personal, we use only high quality watches (brands are Bulova, Caravelle, Charles Hubert Paris and Masterwork) and all our watches come in a hardwood polished presentation box with a custom engraved brass or nickel plate on top. A very high quality, elegant and fair priced gift.