As an Engraved Watches Company, Sterling Engraved has Following Qualities that Make it Unique among Others

Making a stand as an engraving watch company in this competitive market is not so easy. Many have given this a hard try but failed eventually. We could also have, but certainly, some strong policies of ours have kept us alive and healthy in this situation. These policies are our lifeline and have made us bridging the gap between us and our customers all over the world.

engraved watches
engraved watches

1. Deep brainstorming on people’s likings:

Not every captivating design becomes able to attract customers. A watch, in this regard, needs much more precision in terms of design simplicity and engraving. We keep researching on the current trending designs. We look for the elements those attract the people the most and integrate the same to our masterpieces. However, most other companies sail with the tide and lose their track towards increased customer profile afterwards.

2. Our business does not end post selling:

During our journey from no one to someone, we have learnt very well the importance of customer satisfaction post selling. Not every delivery turns out to be successful, but we make sure those issues get solved as quickly as possible. Our dedicated customer care team are always ready to address your queries over phone or email. The management always keeps customer satisfaction as the centre of concern and deals it with utmost importance.

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3. Not a single extra penny for doorstep delivery:

There is hardly any engraved watches company in Miami providing free shipment on delivery irrespective of your geographical location, but we do. There are no hidden charges and absolute zero tolerance over late delivery. This is the reason people do trust us when it comes to surprising their dear ones on their special day with an engraved watch as gift; we deliver right to the doorstep of your loved one on his/her birthday.

4. Secure Payment gateway:

We have integrated easy payment option for you so that paying money will not be a hectic task for you. The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 encryption gives you the surety that your hard earned money is getting transacted through a secure environment. At no moment your card details will get shared. You will get a system generated receipt showing the acknowledgement number.

5. Complete confidentiality on customers’ information:

We do not entertain any kind of breach on our customers’ personal information. We maintain the database and store them with proper digital security. All information are maintained offline and are encrypted so that the access to them will be a mere possibility for unwanted invaders.
6. Quick Shipment:
Most engraved watches company make it super late to deliver the item. Usually it takes them 7-8 business days but as we have tied up with fast delivering courier services, your order will get delivered within just 2-3 business days. However, the longer delivery time may prevail only if the volume of order is more.

Make your smart move today and buy an engraved watch for your dear one from one of the trustable website of today’s generation, Sterling Engraved.

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