Engraved Watch for him – Pocket Watch or Wrist Watch?

Getting an engraved watch for him is an incredible way to celebrate anniversaries or special occasions. It will be symbolic of the relationship as well as serve as a unique gift for him. However, depending on his needs and habits he can be gifted either a pocket watch or a wristwatch.

Engraved Pocket Watches:

MEISTERWERK 1874 $139.00
CHARLES HUBERT 3517 $149.00

As per the name, a pocket watch is meant to be carried in one’s pocket. Although some people can call it traditional and old-fashioned, still it has an almost elegant charm to it. To prevent them from being dropped, the pocket watches have a chain attached to them that is used to secure them to a waistcoat belt loop or lapels of the jacket. For convenience, they can also be constructed on a fob which is a short leather strap.

This fob actually can serve as a protective cover over the face and the crystal. The chains can be elaborately decorated with enamel pendant or silver. They can be custom made according to the customer’s requirements at a cost. There are different types of pocket watches available like the open- face watches and the hunter- case watches. There is an intermediate type which is called as the half-hour Hunter or demi- Hunter type watch. The engravings can be done on the fob or at the back of the watch. If you are searching for an engraved watch for him, then a pocket watch can be both lavish and tasteful choice.

Engraved Wrist Watch:

CARAVELLE 43B131 $159.00
CARAVELLE 43A116 $179.00


Wristwatches were mostly designed to eliminate the inconveniences of a pocket watch. It is crafted to continue working despite the motions or activities of the owner. It has fewer chances to be lost or misplaced as it is strapped to the wrist. Most of the wrist watches are inexpensive and budget friendly. The common ones have quartz movements.

The expensive ones have the traditional mechanical movements but are valued for their glamorous craftsmanship and aesthetics rather than it’s original purpose of timekeeping. Modern watches can have different types of tourbillion, displays, chronographs, timers and alarm functions. Some newer designs even have GPS, calculators, Bluetooth and radio technology to auto correct time. For somebody who is practical and always on the go, this kind of engraved watch for him is a perfect gift.

A watch is indeed a timeless gift that can be presented to your loved ones. Engraving personalized messages add a sentimental value to this gift. Engraved watches are not only meaningful, but it will forever remain a prized possession for the owner. So whether it’s a pocket watch or a wrist watch it’s the emotional connotation attached that will matter at the end and we understand it better at Sterling Engraved. That is the reason; you will find engraved watches under a budget that you would like to have. We also provide free home delivery service and post-sale service is far professional than any other seller present in the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Order for an engraved watch for your loved one today!

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