Is it his b’day? Why don’t you buy a personalized pocket watch for him? Know exactly why

We have always known that gifts are meant to be portrayals of our emotions. Sometimes a small chocolate gifted by our loved ones can be more than enough to make us happy. This is the whole idea on which our company, Sterling Engraved is based on. We tried to capture the emotions that are poured into buying a gift for someone and made those emotions permanent. If you buy a personalized pocket watch for him, then he will remember that gift till his last day. There is something inherently beautiful and subtle about watches, and when a watch is engraved with someone’s personal message then it becomes much more special and unique.

 The quality of the watch

Engraved Wrist Watch
Engraved Wrist Watch
CHARLES HUBERT 3851 $189.00



If you are planning to buy an engraved watch then the primary thing to consider is the quality. The person who is getting the watch should never feel that it is of a cheap build quality, and it has to work flawlessly for a long time. This is why all our watches are painstakingly quality-checked, and you won’t face any problem after buying from us. Another important thing to consider is the quality of the wrist band. The wrist band of a good watch should retain its colour and shine for many years, and if it fades after a few years of owning it then that is a really bad thing.

The design and the engraving

Now coming to the design, the choice of every individual is very subjective. So, if you are planning to buy a personalized pocket watch for him then you should be very confident that you know his choices and what he likes. After selecting the design of the watch, the next important thing is the engraving you want. Finding the perfect message that will resonate with him will be hard, so spend some time and make sure that whatever you are engraving is perfect. We will make sure that the engraving stays there for generations, and everyone who sees it will remember the day when you gifted this to him. Also, the presentation is very important, which is why all our watches are shipped in a beautiful wooden box, which will instantly make him smile.

personalized pocket watch for him
personalized pocket watch for him
wrist watch design
wrist watch design


Always check user reviews before you spend your hard-earned money on something. Same is valid here, just go through the user reviews on our website and you will see why we have such a great reputation. If you buy a personalized pocket watch for him then he will remember it forever. Men love watches; it is something that we all know; if you incorporate your feelings and emotions into it by engraving the watch then that becomes something very special and unforgettable. Just be sure that the quality of the watch and the engraving are flawless. Usually, small companies mess up the engraving because of incompetent calligraphers, but our experienced staff won’t make any such mistakes and you will get a perfect watch.

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Don’t Just Gift, Present It!

retirement watches

Watches makes wonderful gifts for all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement. A watch is always a memorable gift irrespective of the occasion it is gifted in and the person it is gifted to. But engraving a watch with a name or a personalized message or connotation, makes it even more memorable and special.  It can always be a special personal as well as corporate gift. Corporate occasions like retirement also demands a very special kind of gift as it comes just once in a lifetime and it’s also an  occasion where people needs to show the love and respect to the person retiring for the dedication he had been giving to the work and the organization. Most corporates prefer watches as the best gifting option at retirement of their employees. Engraved retirement watches add that extra speciality to the gift as of having a personalised message engraved in it. A watch engraved with a message for the retiring employee is not less than a grand token of love and respect shown to him for his time, hard work and dedication to the organization.  It is a gift one would love to keep lifelong and never lets it go. Such a beautiful gift of course deserves such kind of care.

Engraving a watch has also got the risks of damaging the dial or hampering it’s structure. So, one needs to be careful while engraving them. If done locally from engravers, there is always a chance of the watch getting damaged. However, there are professional and expert people who engrave watches of all types, all brands and for all occasions. There are experts who can get the right kind of engraving done for retirement watches. Though the engraving skills required are the same, but the way a watch should be engraved for different occasions differs, and the one needs to find the best people who can engrave the watches with maximum accuracy and better looks without hampering the watch in any way.

engraved wrist watches

Sterling Engraved is one of the leading service providers for engraving watches for all occasions be it marriage anniversary, birthday, retirement or just a special gift for special someone. It pays minute attention to the customer’s needs and customises the type of engraving done accordingly. Being one of the leading service providers in this field, one can expect the best ever services, and unforgettable gifts that become a lifelong memorandum. Especially, when it comes to retirement watches, the best kind of engraving is really important as it acts as a memorandum of the journey through the professional life of a person andit’sdefinitely more than just a gift. It’s a token of love and respect. Such a gift that is associated with so important a memory is literally a part of life and should be given detailed attention to. Sterling Engraved understands this and adheres to the needs of personalised gifting, thus strengthening relationship bonds, which is more than just a service.

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