Engraved watches USA: Secret shopping hacks to know


CARAVELLE 43B132 $159.00
BULOVA 97N101 $449.00


We have been gifting watches to our loved ones, colleagues, friends and other important people in our lives on special occasions for centuries. Watches have always had a special place in our hearts because of the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into building one and the fact that a beautiful watch could change the whole look of the wearer. Engraving a watch is done to make the gift just that much special. There are many small companies which sell low quality engraved watches of USA but you should always avoid them, because the quality of the watch is never up to the mark, and there is nothing worse than a gifted watch which breaks down after a few years. The things you should check before buying an engraved watch are:

  • The quality of the watch- this is the first and most important point you have to remember, an engraved watch is supposed to stay with the wearer throughout his/her life, so the importance of a great build quality should be top-notch. Usually, engraved watches can be bought for very cheap prices from certain places, but they use very bad quality watches, and the engraving is also not up to the desired standard.
  • Finding a design that would suit the wearer- watches are meant to reflect the wearer’s personality and charm, and should always go with the type of attire he/she wears on a daily basis. This is why you should take your time and decide which one you want to buy. Usually, a good dealer of engraved watches in USA should have a huge stock, because the choice of every person is subjective, and finding the right one is not at all easy if there are very few choices.
MEISTERWERK 1863 $149.00
CHARLES HUBERT 3575 $129.00
  • The quality of the engraving- you should easily understand the importance of a great quality of engraving in an engraved watch, it is the centrepiece, the main attraction of the whole gift. So the quality of penmanship, the lines, and the cursive is very important. If there are any mistakes then the whole thing becomes a bit useless. This is why you should always look for companies that have great user reviews because no one would ever advertise their failures, only users can say about that.
  • The presentation box- the whole idea of an engraved watch is that it is given to someone on a special day. So the box it comes in important as here it is not just something to carry the watch in. The box makes the first impression, so when the receiver takes the box in hand it has to feel special and unique.
  • Finding a good place to buy engraved watches in USA is not an easy task because every company advertises themselves as the best, but we can make your task a bit easier. Just go to the Sterling Engraved and check out all the great user reviews, this will be enough for you to get an idea of what a great watch seller we are. Also check out our diverse collection of watches and the engraving choices on offer. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

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