Reasons to have an Engraved Pocket Watch for Men

Watches are an essential accessory for a man. It depicts his style, his sensibilities and says a lot about his personality than we care to think. This will be forever on him, and he will use it on a regular basis. So gifting him a watch is never a bad idea and specially personalizing it by engraving something on it will make it into a very memorable gift for him. So, let’s know about five reasons those say on why an engraved pocket watch for men is essential.

Five reasons to get an engraved pocket watch for him:

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Sentimental Value:

By engraving something personal on a watch, we add sentimental value to it. It makes it more personal and crafts it to be unique just like the person, it is meant for.


If something meaningful is written on it like his favorite quote or a particular date, then that will provide him strength and confidence during tiring times.


It will be a reminder to him about his importance in other people’s lives. It will remind him that no matter what happens there are people in his life who need him and will always support him.

Special occasion:

It will be a very memorable gift for someone on a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or just to commemorate a specific event. This will always remain with him making him feel special too.

Inimitable gift:

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An Engraved pocket watch for men can eventually serve as a true heirloom and be preserved for the next generation. This will add not just monetary significance but latches memories to it.

Tips to buy the right pocket watch for him:

An engraved pocket watch for men is meant to be carried in one’s pocket and has an almost old-world elegant charm to it. To prevent them from being dropped, the pocket watches have a chain attached to them that is used to secure them to a waistcoat belt loop or lapels of the jacket. For convenience, they can also be constructed on a fob which is a short leather strap. There are varieties of watches for any budget and material so deciding on a budget and types of material makes the search easier.

For example, for steel watches, at least 316L is ideal as it won’t get oxidized easily, is magnetic resistance and cannot be easily corroded from acidic liquids and seawater. One can also buy solid gold or silver sterling pieces. Also, the links strength of the bracelet and quality of the straps should be of good quality to last longer.

Before engraving, the words or quotes to be engraved must be carefully selected as the engraving process is almost permanent and re-engraving will damage the timepiece. The method of engravings has an impact too whether it is handmade or done with a laser technique. At last the engraved pocket watch for him should match with the tastes and personality of the man it’s meant to be.

Engraved pocket watches can add the right amount of style statement to a man’s daily attire. It is a unique and luxurious possession a man can have to himself. If you want to buy such a precious engraved watch, let Sterling Engraved know about your requirements and we will make sure, your man will be surprised to the fullest.

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