Returning to the Market with Engraved Pocket Watch with Chain

Well how many of us have seen a pocket watch lately? Might be very few of us. And it might have sometime crossed across our eyes and we might not have noticed it. Well the later statement can seldom be true. Beautiful pocket watches are something that are least seen these days. They were perhaps mostly used in the 20th century. Mostly the business class people and other rich people used to keep such pocket watches. The primary reason behind the sudden vanishing of these watches from the market can be counted on the slow pace of up gradation of these pocket watches with the trending new fashion and technologies. Since the inception of wrist watches, they have gone through many changes as per the changing trends that come their way. It’s been the digital watches, lovely metalled watches and also the smart watches. All these have taken their space in the market and made the market and demand of wrist watches stable. However no such kind of up gradation or implementation of latest trends and technologies could be found in the field of pocket watches and this has led it loosing users gradually.  However, it might be common these days to see people with some really awesome engraved pocket watch with chain. This is again a new trend in the market which is broadly termed as “engraving”. There is nothing to be shocked about; it is not a new term. But the only reason to express it this way is that it is just new for the pocket watches.


Meisterwerk 1874 $139.00
Meisterwerk 1874

These days with the increasing demand of engraved personalised watches, the use of pocket watches has once again taken a leap. Pocket watches were and have been a beautiful accessory to have. Further, personalising them with a little bit of engraving can be an awesome idea to create a signature accessory for oneself. Believe it or not, it is a great way to brand oneself. It’s not only that an engraved pocket watch with a chain or without it would only enhance your collection of accessories. It’s not just that. A personalised pocket watch is also one of the most prestigious gift that one can gift to anyone. A gift has a lot to speak, but provided that we let them speak. Most of the people choose gifts just as they choose the tie to wear while moving down to office. Common now don’t let gifting be that monotonous for you. Not at least the person whom you gift.

Charles Hubert 3789 $129.00
Charles Hubert 3789
Charles Hubert 3599 $159.00
Charles Hubert 3599

One should take some time and buy a well thought gift and not just anything that comes to mind at a single go. Well this can be a difficult task for many unless and until they haven’t planned this from way before the occasion. Now here’s where you can really get an awesome gift. Just be prepared with what message you want to write to them and be straight enough to get it engraved on a watch. Yes, get it engraved on an accessory like watch and find out how decent as well as loving it seems.

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Sterling Engraved Changes the Science of Gifting with The Best Engraved Watch for him in USA

With the approaching lovely summer months, one might easily fall into the misbelief that the season of hangouts, romance and gifting are all gone with those lovely autumn months and can’t be just pursued as yet in these hot summer months. This is however a misbelief. There are no seasons of gifting, one can gift anyone at any time. And of course, gifting is one of the best ways of conveying special messages to our friends. Well believe it or not gifting is a science and it needs to be pursued as it is meant to be done. When one gifts something to someone, be it on any occasion or just out of the blue, it always has something to say. Unless and until a gift is just so common that is usually presented on wedding to the couples or birthdays. These days most people just ignore the true meaning of gifting and are mostly into gifting things that are too common for the people whom it is gifted to, to notice the special meaning associated with it. Let’s say, one gifts a watch to someone in their birthday. This doesn’t seem to be anything different, special or well-thought gift. Gifts are respected and considered valuable not because of their monetary value but because of the amount of time and energy that is spent in thinking of the right gift for the person whom to gift. People need to understand this and focus on better gifting, those are more meaningful and value to themselves.

Wrist Watches
Wrist Watches

Now let’s say if you want to gift your husband something special and there are no such special occasions to gift. Neither his birthday, nor your wedding day or nothing special. Here comes the role of creative thinking. Well the best way to convey something to someone special is with a special message associated with a gift. Sterling engraved understands this importance of gifting and thus they have the best engraved watch for him in USA in their stores. It’s not just the great watches and the kind of beautiful engraving they do on them is what makes them famous. It is that they have a good sense of how well special messages can be engraved and presented to the person whom they are meant for. Whether it is about engraving the name for personalizing a watch for oneself or it is all about engraving special messages on a beautiful watch that would make the other person feel just so special. This is all the way it is done and the message engraving on the watch is taken care of.

BULOVA 96A118 $469.00
MEISTERWERK 1898G $129.00








So, what’s the wait for? You don’t have to wait for your wedding anniversary, the day you first met or the either of your birthdays. A special message is worth conveying and should be done with added specialness like the engraving it on a watch. Sterling engraved has the best engraved watch for him in USA in their stores and this reduces your hustle of getting to the right store for getting this done.

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Best Ways For Selecting the Right Engraved Watch for Men

Watches as we know have always been a part of men’s dressing and an adorable accessory for them. Most men generally crave a branded classic watch that best suits their personality. With the classy feel that a branded watch brings them, it is also in some way or the other related to their alpha characters. A great watch shows up their masculine character. Now when we speak of some really good looking watches with classic design, there are certain top brands that come to our mind. When one looks for a perfect thing to gift someone, and when that someone is a male, a beautiful watch is something that often comes to mind. But of course these watches as a gift have become too common these days and simultaneously boring.  With the rule of a few brands in the market over a certain period of time, some of the selected few have become the default ones to buy when it comes to watches. But with the coming of the concept of engraving watches, this monotonicity has been ruled out to some extent. With engraving watches, one can carve out the best possible customised watch for gifting which is a more special gift rather than one that just belongs to a good brand. However, there are certain things that one needs to consider while planning to find the best engraved watch for men. There are certain things that some men like to have in their watch while there are other characteristics that are not much preferred by men for their watches.

Bulova 96C113 $289.00
Bulova 96C113
Charles Hubert 3565 $149.00
Charles Hubert 3565








But as a matter of fact, every men are different and have their unique taste and style. The best way to know what makes a man like an engraved watch is to find out what is it that he keeps telling all the time or a phrase that he uses more often in his conversation. This technique goes well with men who are neither too formal nor very casual. One can choose to engrave their name in some form or a connotation that they use all the time. These days with the social networking world, it is easier to find it out. One can look up their Facebook or whatsApp status to find out what keeps hovering their mind most of the times. This way one can arrive at a perfect engraved watch for men.

When it comes to men who are very formal in approach and dwell mostly in the corporate world, the best engraved watch can be nothing other than the one that has their name written on them, or the initials of their name in formal fonts that speaks of corporate elegance. A great branded watch with formal engraving of their name on it forms a perfect watch for such men.

Bulova 98B249 $389.00
Bulova 98B249

Now, if the man you want to present this gift to turns out to be more casual and with a not-very-formal approach, the best way to engrave a watch for them is to write phrases like “friends forever”, “charming man” or something similar to these phrases. The motive of gifting them a watch perfect watch and with the perfect engraving that makes a perfect engraved watch for men, is to find something that best suits their personality. So, these techniques of studying and finding out what makes a perfect gift for your man helps you in getting the right gift for him which is often the door to most men’s heart.

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What it is Like to Gift a Personalized Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have had a very short span if we take a look at the history of watches and its market. Back in the early 20th century, pocket watches were something that were mostly used by business class people and the aristocrats. Pocket watches though came later into the field of watches, but were never considered as the latest watch fashion trends. Ever since its design, it has not only been considered as a portable time measurement and tracking device but it is also an integral part of fashion. However, with the coming of other technologies and various designs of wrist watches, pocket watches had gradually sank in the market and were only to be found in drawers of few people. But with the coming of the concept of engraving in watches, once again these pocket watches have revived in the fashion world and are perhaps the one of the most preferred accessories when it comes to gifting. With engraving concept in place, people believe in using personalized pocket watch for them as well as for gifting. A watch in itself means a lot when gifted. Though gifting is something that requires a person to get into the skill of analytical thinking, most of the times it is not considered to be that deep a concept and is often underestimated. This is why people today are found to be presenting random gifts. Gradually this has led to devaluation of gifts and they are thus mostly considered as a formality rather than a way of expressing the concern or bonding that one holds for another.


Meisterwerk 1862 $149.00
Meisterwerk 1862

A personalized pocket watch can be a perfect gift for people who aren’t really willing to invest time on what actually should be gifted and how should it be presented. A watch when gifted has a lot of meaning behind it and thus is considered as a very special thing that can be gifted to our loved ones. If one considers going through the science of gifting which is one of the most unexplored part of nothing other than human psychology, it is easier to say that a watch, particularly a pocket watch is a gift that matches most of the gifting occasions. One can sight several occasions for gifting. It can be a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a retirement party or just a get together. Gifting varies not only from people to people but also from situation to situation. One might think of a different gift for birthday than one would prefer gifting when it is a retirement party. But most of such occasions can be negotiated with a personalized pocket which is one of the most preferable item to gift.+

Charles Hubert 3575 $129.00
Charles Hubert 3575

A watch with little bit of personalisation done with engraving on it forms the most adorable and memorable gift. Just a gift might seem personal but again there is uncertainty here, which depends on how thoughtful the gift is and how well it matches the requirements and preferences of the person whom it is gifted to. But when it comes to personalised watches or personalised pocket watches with the name of the person engraved on it, brings a greater sense of belonging to it and makes the gift even more special.

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Buy the Best Wedding Gift for Your Friend – Get Engraved Pocket Watches Florida

In the event that you are searching for a wedding gift for your best friend or a close and dear relative why not consider giving the groom a vintage pocket watch. A lot of people experience considerable difficulties when deciding the correct gift for the bride and groom on their wedding which will make them feel happy and special. In some cases they would wind up purchasing gifts with less significance.

engraved-pocket-watches -Charles Hubert 3835 $159.00
engraved-pocket-watches -Charles Hubert 3835

It will be a special move on the off chance that you consider giving the groom a vintage looking sterling silver pocket watch. It is critical that you give something that will suit the lucky man’s personality and taste. He would be glad to receive this one of a kind pocket watch as gift. To make this even more special you can always consider gifting engraved pocket watches Florida where you buy a sterling silver pocket watch and get it engraved with a special message like a good luck message for their wedding, their wedding date or their names to commemorate the memory forever.

It is indeed a great wedding gift for men!

You can discover a wide range of gifts for wedding occasions in the market and the most renowned options are undeniably pocket watches, stogies, lighters, knives and so on. On the off chance that these things are some of your top choices however you are reluctant in light of the fact that these gifts are somewhat ordinary and the groom may have received such gifts in large numbers. In such case you can simply consider choices that are a little unique and out-of-the-box, like an engraved watch Florida. You engrave the name of the groom on the vintage pocket watch or even put some personal message that you like to make them feel special.

pocket-watches-Meisterwerk 1862 $149.00
pocket-watches-Meisterwerk 1862

Often jewelries are among the top choices for groomsmen. You can begin with adaptable elements, wristbands, neckbands, and anklets which can be viewed as personalized gifts for their specialists. You should consider your budget. In the event that cash is not your issue one of the best gift you can buy is the personalized adornments, for example, vintage pocket watch with the name of the groom engraved on it.

Get it in a proper gift box for that wow effect!

A proper watch engraving company will provide beautiful gift wrapping for that special effect. Gift boxes here and there make the gift considerably more vital. Engraved pocket watchers Florida in wonderfully wrapped gift boxes just makes the perfect wedding gift for your friend or cousin. In purchasing gifts for the groom you should keep an eye on your budget first. Vintage pocket watch is possibly a little expensive however in the event that you get one as gift for the groom he will definitely thank you and treasure it. He will fondly look at the watch and remember just how much you love and care for them.


Before going out to purchase the best gift for the groom it is best to evaluate first the intrigue the preferences and the aversion of the groom. In the event that you know him as a fan of extraordinary watches then it is an incredible choice to gift an engraved watch Florida.

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Engraved Wrist Watch USA and Pocket Watches – A Gift of a Lifetime!

When you see somebody utilizing a pocket watch, there is something that practically sets you back in time to a more exquisite period. With so much new innovation in time and technology setting in, the things that we once used are lost in time. Gone are the days of men and women wearing formal attire all day long to look presentable. That time has been replaced with the wearing of shorts, bikinis and lot more casual dress up.

Caravelle 43B132 $159.00
Caravelle 43B132
Bulova 98B203 $349.00
Bulova 98B203

Wouldn’t it be just great to get back some element of the class and refinement that existed previously? It is conceivable to bring a tad bit of the vintage period back with pocket watches. Pocket watches are an incredible approach to check the time while adding something special to your look. And when you are gifting a loved one nothing says more classic and sophisticated than engraved wrist watch USA and pocket watches.

Go back in time with your new watch!

Whether you are out on vacation, going to a meeting, or at work a pocket watch is an awesome approach to include a bit of class and sophistication to your clothing. Catch individuals’ attention as you slip the carefully styled watch out of your pocket to check the time.

With the immense component of the pocket cut, you don’t need to stress over it dropping out of your pocket and losing it. Whether it’s a basic outline or something more detailed, you are certain to get individuals’ attention with an exquisite personalized pocket watch USA. This is specially a great and thoughtful gift option for watch lovers. Getting it engraved, only adds to the specialty of the watch.

Get a gift that your loved ones will truly value!

In the event that you are searching for an extraordinary gift for your loved ones, it’s easy to get confused. They will unquestionably value a gift that they can utilize and appreciate. It is the ideal approach to show somebody the love and thoughtfulness for them. Since pocket watches had gone out of customary use, it would be an extraordinary gift. Pocket watches are rich and can be engraved with special implications that alone add to the sentiment of such a gift.

Charles Hubert 3534 $169.00
Charles Hubert 3534

Show your loved ones the amount you truly think about them. Bring the modernity, style, and class that sterling silver pocket and wrist watches offers. Try not to settle for a standard wrist watch when you can create an impression with a wonderful sterling silver engraved wrist watch USA. Find how just taking out your pocket watch to check the time can transform into a discussion opportunity with your manager, colleagues, companions, and even family. On the off chance that you are meeting your better half’s folks surprisingly, awe her father with a recognized style that separates you from any other individual.


Whether your husband, father, brother or your best friend has a birthday, graduation, anniversary, promotion, or some other special occasion coming up, make sure to get him a gift that shows to him just how much you think about them; get him a personalized pocket watch USA or an engraved wrist watch. Help him to separate himself from all the rest, add an exquisite energy to his style, give him a gift that will stand the trial of time, a pocket watch is a remarkable gift, a gift of a lifetime indeed.

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Personalized Pocket Watches Goes Viral With The Coming of The Engravers!!!

The watch industry so far has seen some major leaps that have been a direct consequence of the drift in the cultural as well as professional trends.  From the very beginning of the history of the watch, it were the pocket watches that were mostly used. It was an accessory possessed by almost everyone. Soon after it’s inception, the pocket watches were limited to pockets of only the business class people, the aristocrats and others belonging to similar section of the society. Along with time, the price and popularity of pocket watches started deteriorating and eventually the royal styled wrist watches started taking their places.

Charles Hubert 3907 $389.00
Charles Hubert 3907

However, with the pocket watch trend has now returned to the market in an all new shape. The personalization concept has acted as a great facilitator of these kind of watches. With this concept expanding it’s wings into the market, the personalized pocket watch in USA has become another thing that people crave for. As a pocket watch can be engraved and personalised in a more elegant way than a wrist watch. It’s lustrous dials and smooth body along with some awesome personalisation with beautiful engraving makes it look like a masterpiece. Though this was only limited to the  business and the so called privileged section of the society earlier, now it has taken it’s place in pockets of almost everyone, even the common folks. It’s only the world class feeling that has made pocket watches regain it’s place back in the market larger than it ever was. The primary reason behind the popularity of a personalised pocket watch is that as it was once something that was exclusively used by the upper class and the rich ones, today having an engraved wrist watches in USA personalised with their name engraved on it brings about a royal and elegant feeling. These days, most people hold engraved wrist watches to showcase their royal status and in fact it does so.


Bulova 96C113 $289.00
Bulova 96C113
Charles Hubert 3517 $149.00
Charles Hubert 3517


A well engraved pocket watch held with an elegant style of course makes one look royal and having it with a bit of personalisation is a matter of status. Though such watches are mostly bought for style and status, these also come in handy when it is an occasion for gifting and one is unsure about what best can be gifted. There can be nothing better than a personalized pocket watch for gifting that one can think of. A gift should be something that retains it’s place in one’s memory for ever and increases the bond between the one gifting and the one being gifted. So, a personalised pocket watch engraved with a special message makes a great gift for any occasion. All that one needs to be careful about while engraving a pocket watch is of it’s natural beauty and lustre. The engraving service providers whom the watches are engraved from should have hands on experience over it, else foul engraving can make it loose it’s beauty. Sterling Engraved is one of the best engraving service providers who have been providing the best ever engraving services and they are specially known for their passion of giving gorgeous looks to watches through their engraving skills.

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This is Why You Should Buy An Engravable Watch For Him

engravable watch for him
engravable watch for him

When it comes to gifting, it has got several meanings and special messages associated with it. This is better known to people who are actually are into gifting. Especially when it is for the special someone in your life, the gifts exchanged hold more special meanings. Now this has been a problem for almost everyone out there who intend to make their special someone feel special through a well thought gift. The big question is what to gift? Yes. When it is the special someone whom you have to gift to and a lot of options available for gifting, one really gets confused about to what to gift. However, the greatest gift that one can present someone is something that would let him remind always about you and make him feel special just the way you want him to. This is something that can be perfectly accomplished by a personalised gift. A gift that would seem to be meant for the person it is gifted to. This can be best done with an engravable watch. An engravable watch for him that would have his name or some special message written engraved on it would probably be the best gift that would make the occasion even more special.










Its not that the idea of presenting something personalised is unknown to people or those who are really into gifting. The fact is that most of them don’t really know how to get it done.  The worst part of it is the headache of getting the watch engraved. As one would surely make a considerable effort in finding the best and the most decent looking watch to be gifted. So engraving it that literally means writing something on the surface of the watch can be a difficult decision to make if you don’t have expert engravers in place. But should this be the reason for undermining your urge for gifting a highly special personalised watch like an engraved wrist watch for him. For this, one needs to look for people who are experts in this domain. If you are looking for such people who can do some awesome and perfect engraving for you that would enhance the look of the watch rather than deteriorating it in any manner, you need to look no further than Sterling Engraved. Sterling Engraved have got the required expertise to deal with the best of the watches available out there in the market and give it a more awesome look with its engraving.


So whether it is that you want to be early on buying yourself an awesome personalised watch this new year season with you name engraved on it or something that would describe you, or is that you want to wow the man in your life with a lavish gift, an engravable watch for him would be just the perfect one to go with. So, what’s the wait? It’s time to get a watch, engrave it and let your special someone know how much you mean to them.

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Choosing The Right Gift Made Easy With Sterling Engraved

The turning point of the watch fashion as they are sometime referred to as, the Engraved watches are probably the best version of watches that the market has ever seen. When it comes to choosing something over something else, one of course analyses several factors that are too close to each other in adjacent columns of comparative factors and attributes. But the question that arises here is when is a person most likely to get into things like what to choose and what to prefer over what? This is something that happens often when one needs to choose a gift for someone very special to them. Choosing a great gift takes a lot of thinking and consideration about the person, his likes and dislikes and of course the occasion for which the thing is gifted.

engraved watch
Caravelle 43B132
Caravelle 45L144 $199.00
Caravelle 45L144








Watches are perhaps the best part of one’s dressing as it defines the elegance of one’s personality. As per what fashion experts say, a watch is such an accessory that tells a lot about a person. The kind of preference one has over watches, reveals a lot about his personality. Someone who wears a very professional and heavy metalled watch seems to have a serious and professional attitude. One who prefers a watch with leathered band and irregular cool shapes has a cool and more casual personality. Watches are one of the best kind of gifts that can be presented to someone. As these are something that one can put to regular use that keeps reminding them of you. So if it’s the man in your life and you want to buy him a gift that keeps him reminding of your awesomeness and the kind of importance you give him in your life, an engravble watch for him is probably just the right thing for you. You can buy this engravable watch for him and engrave the best connotation for him on it. A sweet gift like an engraved watch that is personalised with their name or some special message on it brings about a greater sense of belonging to the person.

pocket watches
Meisterwerk 1883

So, whether it is a personal occasion like a birthday, a marriage anniversary or some other occasions like Christmas or New Year, an engraved watch is probably the best one that can be chosen for gifting. Its not just that it would make the person being gifted feel more special but would also commemorate the occasion in the best possible way. This not only is cost effective as a lovely gift and also saves a lot of time that one needs to spend thinking and analysing what to gift. Whether it is your significant other, a friend or your parents, an engraved watch is just the best gift one can think about for them. The best part of these watches are that it gives you the freedom to gift it in any occasion. One can engrave just any kind of message and gift the way they want.

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The Drifting Fashion Trend Of Watches

The concept of engraved watches that once crept in as a new concept in the market, not earlier than a few years ago, has now taken over most of the watch market. The trend of engraving accessories that is said to be the most pursued one in the market at the moment, has now conquered the market in all possible ways. The sales statistics if analysed properly would all speak in the favour of engraved watches and other accessories. Before the coming of this concept into the market, it had it little presence at some levels that wasn’t much active or visible to the market. Be it the wrist watches or the pocket watches, both of these types have gained good popularity and hold over users. With the increase in demand for them, lots of engraved wrist watch companies as well as engraved pocket watches companies have started mushrooming in the market.

Bulova 97N101 $449.00
Bulova 97N101
Bulova 98P115 $289.00


Most of these are actually the ones that actually ventured into high quality branded watches and with the coming of the new trend, have now inclined towards engraved watch concept.  The engraved watches that actually brought about a revolution in the fashion trend, were only introduced by some of these sellers and engraving service providers. These sellers were actually the pioneers in this field who were majorly responsible for the concept to boom in the market.  If we peak at the history of watches, it would be quite clear that it was only the wrist watches that were once the sole hot selling items in the market. The watch fashion trend transition that has taken place so far has always been within the wrist watch sector. The pocket watches had lost the majority of their market to wrist watches and thus were out of the transition that kept wrist watches involved in that. But with the coming of the concept of engraved watches, both the engraved wrist watch companies and engraved pocket watches companies have seen a major leap.

The best engraved wrist watch company that has catered to the changing needs of watch fashions so far in proper alignment with the fashion trends is Sterling Engraved. It ensures the engraving work done with utmost perfection that actually brings about the best outlook to a watch. Engraving a watch, especially a wrist watch needs to be done with utmost care in order to avoid any rapture of the surface of the watch and maintain its luster as it is. The wrist watches engraved at Sterling Engraved get an awesome look with the initials or the connotation perfectly engraved that would actually enhance its looks.  Its not only the wrist watch engraving that Sterling Engraved caters to well but is also the best Engraved pocket watches company. The pocket watches that were once out of the market, are now back with their well engraved form and are actually enhancing the look and status of the most pockets.

Meisterwerk 1874 $139.00
Meisterwerk 1874

Though the watches from cool brands have always been in great demand, the cool engraving service has actually done a great deal to personalise them and give them a new taste of fashion.

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