Why any Engraved Pocket Watches Company Find it Difficult to Sustain in the Market?

Engraving is not an easy art and when it comes to doing the same on a pocket watch, the task demands extreme patience and wide past years of experience to mark perfection. From time to time, the market has witnessed many such business players who have tried to stand tall on the expectation and satisfaction level of customers but had failed to do so. There are number of factors responsible for this, some of them are;

Failure to understand people’s choice:

It is barely essential to understand what people desire if you want to make a long run in the market. The major problem was that most of the companies just followed what others were doing and this created an end line for them. At sterling Engraved, we always make deep market study to understand people’s choice and host similar designs in our online store. That’s the reason when people think of any new trending design, they hit at our online store first.

Marketing failures:

Charles Hubert 3851 $189.00
Charles Hubert 3851
Charles Hubert 3900 $159.00
Charles Hubert 3900

Now, being an engraved pocket watches company, if you will advertise about your brand on a wrong platform that will return nothing more than failure. One needs to understand the exact audience niche for that. For example, if you are selling branded watches with high price but will market for common people, the result is known obvious. We understand this science very well; therefore, we keep budget friendly pocket watches those can be affordable to anyone, starting from a student to a retired person.

High delivery charges:

This is where most of the sellers make mistake. They cover only limited portion of area as free quota and for rest they add high delivery charge to the final price, sometimes it is even 25-30% of the total cost of pocket watch. However, same is not the case at Sterling Engraved; your watch will be shipped to your doorstep without any hidden additional price.

Poor engraving:

It is the juiciest part of the whole shopping, people draw themselves to your store for getting a designer engraving but if you fail them, there is hardly any second chance left. Engraving a metal requires careful attention and observation under the supervision of an expert. At Sterling Engraved you can barely find any designing mistake and we suggest best quotation for your needs. Our engravings are hard to get wiped off against daily friction and can shine even under minimal light exposure.

Absence of special customer care elements:

If you want to make customers come to your shop again and again then you need to deliver them something extra in terms of gifts or service. It will make you the best engraved pocket watches Company among the mass. This element was absent in most of the starters and that is the reason they failed succeed in the market. However, you can find the presence of this element in our service. You give lucrative discounts all the time and you can also avail further more discounts on your first purchase.

Do make a shopping at Sterling Engraved at gift an engraved pocket watch to your loved one under a beautiful gift-wrap with free home delivery service.

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What kind of Engravable Watch for Him is the Best?

If you are reading this, it means you are searching for an engravable watch for him to surprise on a special occasion but you are confused which one to go for; wrist watches or pocket watches. Well, it depends on the current state and work ethics of him. To best understand the debate, keep reading till the end.

So far you have made the good decision:

Well, going for an engraved watch next to other available gifts is a wise call as it will surely impress your life partner to the optimum degree. For a man watch is more precious than anything else. Most of the times a watch become the lone companion of man. In this regard, a decision to buy an engravable watch for him is sure to buy his long lasting impression.

engravable watch for him
engravable watch for him

Why engraved watch?

An engraved watch carries special memories as compared to normal ones. They host the special message of your love for him. It will help him in fighting the odd times with much patience. A standard hand engraving will give the letters an unique style and will more brighten your message.

At Sterling Engraved, we engrave the message in a unique style to make the watch an antique-looking affair. The deep cuts of engraving from our side will make it hard for anyone to remove from the surface.

Pick something meaningful to engrave:

Pick some messages that can put deep impact on him positively on odd moments. Like suppose, if your man remains out of station most of the time, engrave messages that will make him feel your presence near to him at each moment. Similarly, if he is struggling through his odd times, consider engraving any motivational message behind.

Two best option:

An engraved watch can come in two varieties; wrist watch and pocket watch. The former one suits best to young man having corporate job. An engraved wrist watch can bring your man into the limelight by triple folding his fashion level.

engraved watch for him
engraved watch for him

On the other hand, if your man is growing white hairs and beards lately, it is best to go for pocket watches. This is because, earlier there was a time when pocket watches used to be the successor among other available, hence a same watch in the current era can throwback endless sweet memories to him and an engraved message from your side will help in this further.

Sterling Engraved can be your trustworthy shopping destination:

We can help you choose the best watch for him. Just you need to visit our online store and choose any watch of your choice from thousand available designs. Let’s know your message and we will carry forward the rest of the process. We can even gift wrap the same and parcel it to the desired location free of cost. Interestingly, all the above discussed will come in a single price quotation displayed on our online web store. so, call us today and book the best engraved watch for your man today!

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Innovative way to Surprise your Dad with an Engraved Pocket Watch Box

sterlingengraved Image

The calendar is hinting towards a special day, it’s your father’s birthday and you have not deciphered any strong formula to surprise him, the situation is most common to many children. Parents know well how to make their children happy but when it is the reverse, there are no costly gifts that can do the work. You have to gift him something special that he could barely refuse. How about an engraved pocket watch showing the deep message from your heart imprinted on its skin! Well there are actually many reasons in support of the above action, few out of them are mentioned below.

Dads are always timekeepers of our actions:

From the very moment we land on this earth, our fathers start timekeeping our every action along with our mothers to better safeguard us against any odd. A watch becomes the best guide of parents for timely carrying out the necessary responsibilities of newborns. Therefore, gifting your father a pocket watch within an engraved pocket watch box with a message like “Thanks for timekeeping my moves until now” will definitely stir up the past sweet memories inside him.

To add a modern gift to his personality

Parents when growing old, they get so drowned in responsibilities that they simply detach themselves from modern outfit. Now, as children always run in the current time of fashion, they can best advise on how to revamp their parents look. In this regard, adding a pocket watch to his daily fashion quote is much better than gifting him a costly smartphone.

A vintage memory flashback

Off course, there was a time when pocket watches used to be everyone’s asset but with the passage of time, luck has become unfavourable to them but carrying out the same can have more strong reason through another lens. We often add old vintage pieces to our interior of the house to triple fold the beauty, and in the same way, when your dad will carry a shiny old yet ultramodern style pocket watch to his workplace, it will attract everyone’s attention towards him. Instantly, your dad will be in the limelight, don’t you want that?

A consistent reminder of your love

That is what for the engraving service of our present. We not only help you choose the best-designed pocket watch but also engrave the sweet message of your heart on them impeccably so that it will constantly remind your father of your never-ending love and care. Every moment he will flip the cover up to see the time, your message will shine on the golden or silver body.

Now if you have made up your mind for buying such a vintage masterpiece, do visit the online store of Sterling Engraved. There a large collection of stylish pocket watches and general wrist watches are displayed with clear pictures to buy your impression. Just use your little imagination to choose something that will best surprise your dad and let’s know the message that you want it to carry on its body, and we will do the rest.

We also encapsulate them under a beautiful pocket watch box with a plate displaying your message. Surprisingly, the whole gift unit will be delivered to your desired destination within an engraved pocket watch Box for free! So don’t be late so that your dream pocket watch becomes out of stock.

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Gifts on Mind? Take The Help of an Engraved Watch Company to Surprise Like Never Before

engraved watch company USA

Watches are beautiful and they come in use of our day to day life. Therefore, they will remain as a main stay in jewellery section for long time. As the value of time is precious, everyone loves to give their near and dear ones popular watches as gifts or awards. It is a common practice to gift a person a valuable watch on his retirement from a company after a long period of service. Also when someone steps in his High School for the first time and the parent gift watches to make their children aware of the value of the time.

However a small change to the tradition can bring even more priceless expression on their face, one of such attempt is to engraving the watches with beautiful personal message. With a personal message on its cover from your side adds sentimental value to the item and can be best used to recognise individual achievements. In this regard, as a reputed engraved watch company, we at The Presentation Watch Company offer you beautiful wrist watches as well as pocket watches for both men and women. The section contains watches of different budget from which you can choose an ideal watch for your loved one. However our service doesn’t end here; we also engrave those watches with personal messages from your side and gift wrap them for you as presentation.

Engraved watches can be used as a perfect gift for any occasion; whether you want a gift for wedding anniversary or birthday, our special watches can fit against any of your needs. Sometimes, gifting a rare collection item like pocket watches creates special attention. Nowadays one can hardly see pocket watches on daily use. However if you gift a similar watch with an engraved message on its border it will create a special eyebrow raising situation for the gift opener.

Designing watches that we have:

About engraved watches

About engraved watches

You can navigate through our Wrist watch and Pocket watch sections to have a broad look over wide range of collections. They have been categorised depending upon the price range. Under Wrist watch section, products like Caravelle and Bulova are more popular. Even they have multiple sub designs; golden plated, stalling silver, chains type, bracelet types etc. A simple collection of leather band integrated watches are also available.

Now, if you want to make a long lasting impression with our gifts, you can go for pocket watch section. It contains artistically designed beautiful pocket watches from Charles Hubert and Meisterwerk. They are available both with and without chains. Adding a customised personal message on the shiny surface of golden or silver watches even triple folds the beauty.

To gift wrap them we can also provide hardwood presentation box those are artistically designed to buy anyone’s attention. Not only that you can also engrave it with a shiny metallic plate on the top with special message from your side. Adding more surprise to your kitty, we deliver the gifts to your doorstep at a free shipping cost. Isn’t that amazing? The aim of bringing smile on the face of shoppers by providing quality products and service under low budget has made us a reputed brand of engraved watch company within very less period of time.

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If you Want to Gift a Watch for Him in USA, Go for Sterling Engraved with no Second Choice

Men are more likely to face tough physical activity in their day to day live, whether it is their job life or personal one. So, they need the constant warm support from the opposite sex. If you are a mother or a sister or a caring partner, it is the responsibility to take care of your dependent even when you are not near to them. Though phone calls and social media messages can bridge the gap but are not that effective when it comes to support during emotional imbalance.

engraved watch for him
engraved watch for him

However, the solution to this problem can be seen through another lens. No matter how busy he may be, he will not stop glancing at his watch every now and then. That is why most consider gifting a precious watch to their beloved ones, as it will constantly remind them of the love and support they have from their nearer and dearer ones.

In addition to it, if you are engraving a sweet message on its shiny surface as a token of your love, the watch will no more be a coiled wire of metal for his wrist, rather, it will be a core connector of sheer emotional thread between you and him. You can gift a watch for him within USA through Sterling Engraved.

In this regard, at Sterling Engraved, you can find a range of elegant watches designed to carry a classic manly impression. The colors and collection of material are going to impress him for sure. They are designed not only to prove as appealing and unforgettable gift but also to add a new dimension to one’s personality as well.

You can get many opportunities of his life to show him your unconditional love as a mother or a wife or a sister. Like suppose, it is the first time he is stepping stone into his professional career, gifting an engraved watch for him with some ‘never-stop’ motivational quotes on back of it will keep stirring the warrior spirit inside him.

Similarly, if it is the first gift from your side for your boyfriend, show your inner affection through a premium Caravelle or Bulova watch from Sterling Engraved collections with a sweet lovely message etched to it. Men love these small adorable moments and that constantly bind them with their loved ones. Also the idea of this type of gifting works well for those mothers who stay at a long distance from their sons owing to job or family issues.

If it is the birthday of your grandparent and you want to gift him something that he used to like then go for the pocket watches of Sterling Engraved. Nowadays, it is rare to find someone carrying pocket watches, a gift like this is surely going to uplift his impression to a degree that you have not anticipated.

Charles Hubert 3851 $189.00
Charles Hubert 3851

If you are searching for such engraved watch for him in USA, go for Sterling Engraved. We offer you best quality watches than any other competitors. You can check the collection for both wrist and Pocket watches, they are artistically designed to carry high level of impression for the wearer. Also our service includes engraving beautiful message from your side on the shiny surface of those lovely watches. Not only that, we can gift wrap and can send it to person that you to.

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Returning to the Market with Engraved Pocket Watch with Chain

Well how many of us have seen a pocket watch lately? Might be very few of us. And it might have sometime crossed across our eyes and we might not have noticed it. Well the later statement can seldom be true. Beautiful pocket watches are something that are least seen these days. They were perhaps mostly used in the 20th century. Mostly the business class people and other rich people used to keep such pocket watches. The primary reason behind the sudden vanishing of these watches from the market can be counted on the slow pace of up gradation of these pocket watches with the trending new fashion and technologies. Since the inception of wrist watches, they have gone through many changes as per the changing trends that come their way. It’s been the digital watches, lovely metalled watches and also the smart watches. All these have taken their space in the market and made the market and demand of wrist watches stable. However no such kind of up gradation or implementation of latest trends and technologies could be found in the field of pocket watches and this has led it loosing users gradually.  However, it might be common these days to see people with some really awesome engraved pocket watch with chain. This is again a new trend in the market which is broadly termed as “engraving”. There is nothing to be shocked about; it is not a new term. But the only reason to express it this way is that it is just new for the pocket watches.


Meisterwerk 1874 $139.00
Meisterwerk 1874

These days with the increasing demand of engraved personalised watches, the use of pocket watches has once again taken a leap. Pocket watches were and have been a beautiful accessory to have. Further, personalising them with a little bit of engraving can be an awesome idea to create a signature accessory for oneself. Believe it or not, it is a great way to brand oneself. It’s not only that an engraved pocket watch with a chain or without it would only enhance your collection of accessories. It’s not just that. A personalised pocket watch is also one of the most prestigious gift that one can gift to anyone. A gift has a lot to speak, but provided that we let them speak. Most of the people choose gifts just as they choose the tie to wear while moving down to office. Common now don’t let gifting be that monotonous for you. Not at least the person whom you gift.

Charles Hubert 3789 $129.00
Charles Hubert 3789
Charles Hubert 3599 $159.00
Charles Hubert 3599

One should take some time and buy a well thought gift and not just anything that comes to mind at a single go. Well this can be a difficult task for many unless and until they haven’t planned this from way before the occasion. Now here’s where you can really get an awesome gift. Just be prepared with what message you want to write to them and be straight enough to get it engraved on a watch. Yes, get it engraved on an accessory like watch and find out how decent as well as loving it seems.

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What it is Like to Gift a Personalized Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have had a very short span if we take a look at the history of watches and its market. Back in the early 20th century, pocket watches were something that were mostly used by business class people and the aristocrats. Pocket watches though came later into the field of watches, but were never considered as the latest watch fashion trends. Ever since its design, it has not only been considered as a portable time measurement and tracking device but it is also an integral part of fashion. However, with the coming of other technologies and various designs of wrist watches, pocket watches had gradually sank in the market and were only to be found in drawers of few people. But with the coming of the concept of engraving in watches, once again these pocket watches have revived in the fashion world and are perhaps the one of the most preferred accessories when it comes to gifting. With engraving concept in place, people believe in using personalized pocket watch for them as well as for gifting. A watch in itself means a lot when gifted. Though gifting is something that requires a person to get into the skill of analytical thinking, most of the times it is not considered to be that deep a concept and is often underestimated. This is why people today are found to be presenting random gifts. Gradually this has led to devaluation of gifts and they are thus mostly considered as a formality rather than a way of expressing the concern or bonding that one holds for another.


Meisterwerk 1862 $149.00
Meisterwerk 1862

A personalized pocket watch can be a perfect gift for people who aren’t really willing to invest time on what actually should be gifted and how should it be presented. A watch when gifted has a lot of meaning behind it and thus is considered as a very special thing that can be gifted to our loved ones. If one considers going through the science of gifting which is one of the most unexplored part of nothing other than human psychology, it is easier to say that a watch, particularly a pocket watch is a gift that matches most of the gifting occasions. One can sight several occasions for gifting. It can be a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a retirement party or just a get together. Gifting varies not only from people to people but also from situation to situation. One might think of a different gift for birthday than one would prefer gifting when it is a retirement party. But most of such occasions can be negotiated with a personalized pocket which is one of the most preferable item to gift.+

Charles Hubert 3575 $129.00
Charles Hubert 3575

A watch with little bit of personalisation done with engraving on it forms the most adorable and memorable gift. Just a gift might seem personal but again there is uncertainty here, which depends on how thoughtful the gift is and how well it matches the requirements and preferences of the person whom it is gifted to. But when it comes to personalised watches or personalised pocket watches with the name of the person engraved on it, brings a greater sense of belonging to it and makes the gift even more special.

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This is Why You Should Buy An Engravable Watch For Him

engravable watch for him
engravable watch for him

When it comes to gifting, it has got several meanings and special messages associated with it. This is better known to people who are actually are into gifting. Especially when it is for the special someone in your life, the gifts exchanged hold more special meanings. Now this has been a problem for almost everyone out there who intend to make their special someone feel special through a well thought gift. The big question is what to gift? Yes. When it is the special someone whom you have to gift to and a lot of options available for gifting, one really gets confused about to what to gift. However, the greatest gift that one can present someone is something that would let him remind always about you and make him feel special just the way you want him to. This is something that can be perfectly accomplished by a personalised gift. A gift that would seem to be meant for the person it is gifted to. This can be best done with an engravable watch. An engravable watch for him that would have his name or some special message written engraved on it would probably be the best gift that would make the occasion even more special.










Its not that the idea of presenting something personalised is unknown to people or those who are really into gifting. The fact is that most of them don’t really know how to get it done.  The worst part of it is the headache of getting the watch engraved. As one would surely make a considerable effort in finding the best and the most decent looking watch to be gifted. So engraving it that literally means writing something on the surface of the watch can be a difficult decision to make if you don’t have expert engravers in place. But should this be the reason for undermining your urge for gifting a highly special personalised watch like an engraved wrist watch for him. For this, one needs to look for people who are experts in this domain. If you are looking for such people who can do some awesome and perfect engraving for you that would enhance the look of the watch rather than deteriorating it in any manner, you need to look no further than Sterling Engraved. Sterling Engraved have got the required expertise to deal with the best of the watches available out there in the market and give it a more awesome look with its engraving.


So whether it is that you want to be early on buying yourself an awesome personalised watch this new year season with you name engraved on it or something that would describe you, or is that you want to wow the man in your life with a lavish gift, an engravable watch for him would be just the perfect one to go with. So, what’s the wait? It’s time to get a watch, engrave it and let your special someone know how much you mean to them.

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Engrave Your Watch, Re-define Your Personality

Well who doesn’t like to have stylish and appealing accessories?  Be it kids, teenagers, or the eldery, good accessories always makes one feel good. The same holds true for watches when it is seen as an accessory point of view. Yes, needless to mention it is of course more of an accessory these days as people seldom wears watches for the sake of looking up the time. It’s always for style these days. With the mutual advancement in both fashion and technology, the definition of accessories has seen a major shift. The kind of fashion one pursues always depends on two major factors, these are the kind of technology available and the taste and perception of people. With the coming of high-end digital technologies, the watch industry saw a major leap with the boost in sales of smart watches and for a period of time, these were the best-selling and most demanded watches. The day since the concept and proper technologies for engraving watches wetted it’s feet in the market space, the personalised watches which are majorly engraved wrist watch in USA has seen a major leap.  Though the wrist watches normally covers the major section of requirement, the engraved pocket watch are also not behind them in competition. These engraved watches have almost taken over the entire watch market because it provides the deepest sense of belonging. Wearing a watch that is personalised according to your requirement like engraving it with your name or something that you prefer, makes it dearer to you rather than just a branded watch that you have crush on.

engraved wrist watch in USA
Bulova 96B149

Now the question that arises here is that wouldn’t it hamper the smoothness and lustre of the watch when it is engraved? No one would like to lose the beauty of an accessory on which they have spent a good amount of money. These issues can be sorted out with the best band of people who can engrave watches with utmost precision and perfection so as to not affect the rest areas of the watch and keep up with it’s genuine lustre. Such service providers are the ones who really make it possible to have engraved wrist watch in USA. Once such excellent service providers are found, all you need to do is to choose a cool watch from a cool brand and get it engraved with your name or a connotation that you prefer. And your master piece is just ready to show your elegance off. The same also holds true for engraved pocket watch. Pocket watches were earlier used only by the aristocrats and business people. These days, with the launching of some cool brands in the market, and the coming of the engraving concept, pocket watches have become a common accessory for almost everyone. An engraved pocket watch is also considered as the best gift when it comes to occasions like retirement farewell or marriage anniversary.

engraved pocket watch
Meisterwerk 1898G

So what is the wait for? Choose your watch from your favourite brand and get it personalised by engraving it with your name today. When service providers like Sterling Engraved are there in the market, one should definitely take an advantage of their beautiful and flawless service that reflects in the watches that they engrave.

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The Gold Retirement Watch

So where did the gold “retirement watch” really start?  As far as we can tell in the United States the tradition of giving gold watches originated back in the 1940s with Pepsi Co. It was a symbol of “you gave us your time, now we are giving you ours”. Back then, the watches were traditionally 18kt gold. There were different versions of the watches given, depending on position and status within the company.

Over the decades that time honored tradition has evolved because of our changed career patterns in a world where people can work for as many as eight or more employers over a lifetime, says Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology at Lancaster University. “The issue of loyalty is incredibly important. To reward workers for long service in a short-term world is a very nice thing to do.”

We have seen this in practice at Presentation Watch Company with most of our business clients giving employee gift watches with as little as 5 years or less of service both as a reward and as the employee moves on to another employment opportunity.

Cottrills, a supplier of “reward solutions” to 550 blue-chip clients in England. Mr. Porter is the CEO of Cottrills and says that when Cottrills started 17 years ago, the primary level for long-service awards was 20 to 25 years. Now the first tier can start at five.  As for the gifts’ popularity, Cottrills reports that the most popular employee gift has been the gift of a watch.

Humanreasorces.com goes further to point out the real value in giving the right gift for the employee and preferably personalized.  The offer this as advice to HR departments around the country when it comes to employee gifts: “It’s kind of like giving someone in your personal life a gift. If you wanted to get someone a gift, but could not rely on throwing cash at them, what would you do?  You would actually have to take the time to get to know them (at least a little bit) to see what would interest them. How about a personalized watch. You can match the style with the personality of the employee and give them something that won’t lay in the closet and can be a daily reminder of the recognition of their work by your company.  See the difference a little thoughtfulness can make?”

Heavy.com lists the Bulova 98B203 as one of the 10 best retirement gifts you can give.


We sell this watch for $349 which includes a personalized engraving on the back of the watch, a hardwood mahogany presentation box with a brass or nickle engraved plaque on it and free shipping.  You can give a thoughtful, beautiful and lifetime lasting award to one of your employees for only $349!  Many of our clients report that the employee is sometimes in tears when they receive one of our gifts and the effect spreads beyond the person being recognized

Max S. Beschloss is a 72-year-old former vice president for advertising at watch maker Wittnauer International.  When Mr. Beschloss retired from Wittnauer after 25 years he was given a solid-gold Lifetime Plus watch, guaranteed to be repaired free until the death of a designated heir, which he figured would be his 40-year-old middle son, Adam. Watches passe as a gift!? ”Most jewelers would disagree,” Mr. Beschloss said. ”It’s something you see every day of your life, a reminder of the company’s gratitude.”

DIXI Le Locle Holding is a Swiss based maker of high-precision machine tools with operations in the United States. The company offers cash or a gold watch to its retiring employees at its home base. But, Mr. Castella boasted “that 90 percent of them take the watch. It’s something that they can look at everyday to remind them of the work they have done for us with pride and a sense of satisfaction.”

When colleagues or coworkers are retiring, a brilliant way to mark the occasion is with great retirement gifts. It’s not considered mandatory, but is a good way to celebrate a person’s working life. The best retirement gifts don’t need to be elaborate, extravagant or expensive. But they should convey your feelings of appreciation, and express how much you’ve enjoyed working with them, however long it’s been. When it’s a friend or family member that’s retiring, giving retirement gifts is a good way to show how proud you are of all the retiree has done. Adding a touch of personalization is a great way to make even the most common of gifts more special. Most retirement gifts lend themselves well to personalization, adding a name, the date of their retirement, or a message that says thanks for all her hard work will make a gift truly unique.