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The dressing sense and outlook of a man reflect his personality that attracts everyone. Whatever it may be, either a business meeting or a family function, his attires make him look royal and presentable. Though every watch shows you the perfect time but certainly does not make you look special. A watch, especially an engraved one, works like a charm builder for every man. That is the reason; people gift their best male companions whether he is a father, or a brother, or a friend or a boyfriend with a watch. It acts both as a time keeper and love catalyst. But how exactly our personalized watches find their importance here? Let’s discuss it in a bit detail.

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Personalized Watch- A new dimension of presentation

The Presentation Watch Company is always with you to celebrate the special day of your beloved ones.

A perfect gift for your boyfriend:

If you want to make your boyfriend’s birthday unforgettable, choose an engravable watch for him from our online store and engrave a love quotation behind. We offer customized wrist and pocket watch as per the requirement of our customers. Also, we can engrave a three-line quote on a separate plate of brass or nickel which can be presented with a watch.

For your son on his achievements:

If you want to gift your son something special on his first job then an engravable watch for him is also a best option. Our watches come with a hardwood presentation box. You can order it online and there is no shipping charge. The pocket watches are the new trend of style as they are more elegant and royal with personalized text. Sterling Engraved prepares watches that raise your fashion quota for sure.The watches are available in different colors, shape, style and designs for both male and female.

For your husband on your anniversary:

Surprise your husband on your anniversary by ordering an engravable watch for him. Engrave a sweet love message behind that will drag him to the past memory lane. He will feel more special and your love will strengthen further.

Other instances:

You can gift your employees, clients and business partners such watches engraved with company name, logo, icon or tag-line. We offer a wide range of products to celebrate every occasion of your life like birthday, graduation, anniversary, promotion, new job or retirement that makes the day more special. The text includes name, date, and small quote that can fit on a watch dial or the plate.

Make a smart move and place an order today!

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If you are interested surprise your loved ones with a heart-touching gift, do visit the website of the Presentation Watch Company today. We have a large collection of customized watches from popular brands like Bulova and Caravelle. Make your relationship more strong with these unforgettable warm gifts. You can find verity ranges and styles of watches from the online section. For more information make a call to us on 800-208-1249.

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5 Characteristics of Ideal Engraved Wrist Watches

Engraving wrist watches is a practice that has been done for centuries. People engrave their own watches to personalise it and make it feel like something unique that they only own, some are given as gifts from the ones they love, as a reminder of their relationship. Engraved Wrist Watches are a statement that instantly reflects the wearer’s character and personality, so finding the perfect watch is very important. Also, you must always be cautious before buying because there are a number of fake companies out there about the sellers, who sale low quality engravings on fake watches, so be sure about the authenticity before buying. In this regard, here are five features that every engraved watch must have:

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  • A beautiful box to be gifted in- yes, the quality and design of the watch is important, but just as important is the box it comes in. First impressions are very important, and an exquisite box will surely exhilarate the person.
  • Top notch engraving with smooth lines- The words engraved on the watch should not just be there for the sake of being there, beautiful engravings are those which have smooth and unbroken lines, and the cursive should be so good that the wearer would feel proud to show it off to everyone.
  • Quality of the watch– Engraved Wrist Watches are meant to be used for years and years, and people are supposed to cherish them as a reminder of the day when those were gifted. So these watches need to survive for decades without any fault.
  • Quality of workmanship- engraving a wrist watch is a very hard job, and the worker should be well skilled with very steady hands, otherwise they might get damaged during the engraving process.
  • The design and brand of the watch- we all know that the brand of a watch is just as important as the quality, and so is the design. A watch is something that a person wears throughout the day, and it becomes a part of his/her attire, so finding the perfect design for someone is very important, otherwise, the whole idea would be futile.
BULOVA 96B149 $249.00
BULOVA 96B220 $259.00

Wrist watches are style statements nowadays, and everyone wears one which speaks about themselves and their design choices. Engraved Wrist Watches are just the same, but they also carry the love and affection of the person who is gifting them. A good quality watch can stay as a part of the family heirloom for generations, and that’s why the quality of the watch matters so much.

For Engraved Wrist watches Sterling Engraved has been the ultimate destination of most buyers since more than 10 years. We provide engraving service on both wrist and pocket watch type. Our online store hosts the best designs and we deliver them inside a beautiful wooden box engraved with your message. As we provide engraving with smart finishing so that the letters will not wear off on minimal frictions of day today life. In short, we provide engraved watches like no one else in the market.

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Know Exactly why you should buy an Engravable watch for him on his first Job

The first job holds primary importance in a boy’s life. It commemorates his first step to financial independence. So to make the moment even more remarkable, buying an engravable watch for him is a good option. Whether that person is a son, brother, nephew or a friend, the watch will be a memorable token of love and appreciation.

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CARAVELLE 44B111 $159.00

Why Engraved Watches?

Engraving is done by incising a design or name on to a usually flat and hard surface. Makers do it by cutting grooves into it. Engraving personal items is an age-old tradition which is still practiced today. With modern techniques, it has become easier and less time consuming. So engraving a watch is a nice touch to add sentimental value to the gift. The engravings can be the date of his first day on the job or even encouraging quote. But it is important to find a reliable and skilled organization to do the work. So that there are no mistakes to be corrected later.


The watch itself should be selected carefully. It should suit to his style and habits so that he can make use of it on a daily basis. Budget and size of the watch to be engraved should be considered beforehand. The engraving part must be selected carefully as it is something that will remain with him at almost all times. It will serve as a reminder to him about the person who gifted him.

Reasons to buy an engravable watch:

  • By engraving something personal on a watch, it adds a sentimental value to it.
  • If something meaningful is written on it then that will provide him strength and confidence during tiring times.
  • It will be a subtle reminder to him about how much he is cared for and cherished in the life of other people.
  • First jobs can be exciting and demand at the same time as it will be the first time for him to realize true responsibility. So giving an engraved watch that he can carry with him always will raise his spirits.
  • This engraved watch can eventually serve as an heirloom and passed down to the next generation. This will add even more appraisal to the gift.

An engraved watch will help to strengthen the relationship as well as create a significant memory for both. So if someone is planning to celebrate the first job of a loved ones the engravable watch is a wonderful gift to give.

CHARLES HUBERT 3534 $169.00

If you are also looking to buy an engravable watch for him, step into the online store of Sterling Engraved. We host designer wrist and pocket watches. Once engraved, it will carry more value for him. Browse through our collections and choice the one that impress you the most. Let’s know the message that you are keen to engrave and we’ll do the rest. The watch will be freely delivered at your doorstep inside a beautiful wooden box. So what are you waiting for? Just visit our online store and buy an engravable watch for him today!

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Reasons to buy an engravable watch:

  • By engraving something personal on a watch, it adds a sentimental value to it.
  • If something meaningful is written on it then that will provide him strength and confidence during tiring times.
  • It will be a subtle reminder to him about how much he is cared for and cherished in the life of other people.
  • First jobs can be exciting and demand at the same time as it will be the first time for him to realize true responsibility. So giving an engraved watch that he can carry with him always will raise his spirits.
  • This engraved watch can eventually serve as an heirloom and passed down to the next generation. This will add even more appraisal to the gift.

An engraved watch will help to strengthen the relationship as well as create a significant memory for both. So if someone is planning to celebrate the first job of a loved ones the engravable watch is a wonderful gift to give.

CHARLES HUBERT 3534 $169.00

If you are also looking to buy an engravable watch for him, step into the online store of Sterling Engraved. We host designer wrist and pocket watches. Once engraved, it will carry more value for him. Browse through our collections and choice the one that impress you the most. Let’s know the message that you are keen to engrave and we’ll do the rest. The watch will be freely delivered at your doorstep inside a beautiful wooden box. So what are you waiting for? Just visit our online store and buy an engravable watch for him today!

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An Engraved Pocket Watch can Speak Highly of you than your Imagination

The definition of fashion keeps changing with the time and according to the familiar saying, “what goes around comes around”, the trend of pocket watches are wildly coming back in style again. This time you can engrave symbols or letters according to your choice. You can keep them for your personal use, and they can also be served as a precious gift for your loved ones.

Here are the reasons why an engraved pocket watch may have a positive impact on your social image:

  1. Trendsetting:

In the current scenario, if you ask time to anyone or even want to know the time, the first action you will take is grabbing your cell phone and staring at the screen. The proper use of wrist watch has limited just as a fashion accessory only. Well, using a smooth designed customised pocket watch for change can drag people’s attention towards you. There is no doubt that, people will love the pocket watch, but also they will appreciate you for your style while some would also follow your fashion. It’s time that you stay out of the crowd and let others follow you instead by wearing a trendy and fashionable engraved pocket watch.

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  1. Upscale your image

A pocket watch is an item that has been used since 100 of years by scholars, presidents, art lovers and many other noble people. A pocket watch is a symbol of royalty, and it emanates a particular kind of charisma. A pocket watch can also be used as an excellent accessory. You can attach your pocket watch with your pocket when you wear a suit for a wedding or go to a fancy dinner with your colleagues.

  1. Artistic:

There are ample of designs to choose; from a classy pocket watch to a trendy looking pocket watch. An engraved pocket watch allows you to engraved special symbols and letters, and you can use your artistic quality and engraved something that suits your personality. How you wear the pocket watch also represents your artistry. If you want a classy look, you can go with formal or you can even accessorise it with your casual cloth and give yourself a fusion of modern and formal fashion.

  1. Shows your uniqueness:

You can also verbalize your feelings to your loved ones by gifting them special symbols that represents how much you love them. Your loved one will love you for such a unique gift that hardly anyone will think of giving.

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CHARLES HUBERT 3599 $159.00



If you are making your mind for embracing such a new style mantra, then it is advisable to mark your presence at Sterling Engraved. We have the largest online shopping place for engraved pocket watch lovers. The engravings are done by the experts. The speciality of us is that we ship the watches inside a beautiful wooden box and charge zero for delivering at your doorstep. This is the reason; the fan followings of Sterling Engraved are increasing day by day.

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Sterling Engraved:- The Best Engraved Wrist Watch Supplier

No matter under which age bar we belong to, the necessity of a timekeeper on our wrist always holds primary importance. It directs our action and helps us walk along a time framed path. However, with the passage of time, the watch has upgraded itself to deliver more value added services such as monitoring heartbeat, keeping the track of our daily walk distance, taking calls etc. But, can you imagine it as an emotion keeper as well? Yes, it can do that. It can make you more close to your would-be, it can make your son motivated on his work, it can make your fiancé feel your presence even in your absence. Just you have to make it little bit engravable.

Engraved watches:

More than a trending fashion mantra, engraved watches have become a bare essential wearable for many. People do love to engrave their watch as it helps them carrying sweet memories of their loved ones when they are not nearby.


BULOVA 98B249 $389.00
BULOVA 96A118 $469.00


Let’s bring a reality-cum-imagination onto the table:

Suppose, an important duty call compels you to make an out of the town journey of few months leaving your newly wedded wife at home, then it is sure that both of you will be in a bit of emotional turbulence. No matter how many times in a day you two get connected via phone or messages, there would be some missing-moments. However, if she will be having an engraved watch bearing a message “I am with u always”, then the geographical gaps will be bridged better.

Another instant that is more common, sending your children to boarding schools by keeping a stone over the heart. It is equally difficult for the children and parents to get separated from each other. However, if your child would have an engraved watch gifted from you saying “Time flies quickly”, it would soothe her heart much better.

There can be endless situations as described above where an engraved watch can be a better saviour for you and your loved ones.

Wait, don’t search for any engraved wrist watch supplier now as we are here to serve you better than anyone else.

Sterling Engraved-A perfect shopping place for engraved watches

Since ages, Sterling Engraves has topped as best engraved wrist watch supplier as well as pocket watch supplier. Our online store hosts design to impress you for sure. They are the premier popular collections and can rarely be found anywhere else.

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BULOVA 98L135 $399.00








The engravings are done under the high-class supervision of experts. So, they have any rare chance of getting waved off by normal daily friction. Also, the letters are engraved to the depth so that they will shine even on less exposure to light.

Under our privilege service, doorstep delivery comes as free, and your engraved watch will be delivered within a beautiful wooden box engraved further on its outer wall.

Step into the mesmerising online showroom of Sterling Engraved and bridge those emotional gaps like a way never before.

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Why any Engraved Pocket Watches Company Find it Difficult to Sustain in the Market?

Engraving is not an easy art and when it comes to doing the same on a pocket watch, the task demands extreme patience and wide past years of experience to mark perfection. From time to time, the market has witnessed many such business players who have tried to stand tall on the expectation and satisfaction level of customers but had failed to do so. There are number of factors responsible for this, some of them are;

Failure to understand people’s choice:

It is barely essential to understand what people desire if you want to make a long run in the market. The major problem was that most of the companies just followed what others were doing and this created an end line for them. At sterling Engraved, we always make deep market study to understand people’s choice and host similar designs in our online store. That’s the reason when people think of any new trending design, they hit at our online store first.

Marketing failures:

Charles Hubert 3851 $189.00
Charles Hubert 3851
Charles Hubert 3900 $159.00
Charles Hubert 3900

Now, being an engraved pocket watches company, if you will advertise about your brand on a wrong platform that will return nothing more than failure. One needs to understand the exact audience niche for that. For example, if you are selling branded watches with high price but will market for common people, the result is known obvious. We understand this science very well; therefore, we keep budget friendly pocket watches those can be affordable to anyone, starting from a student to a retired person.

High delivery charges:

This is where most of the sellers make mistake. They cover only limited portion of area as free quota and for rest they add high delivery charge to the final price, sometimes it is even 25-30% of the total cost of pocket watch. However, same is not the case at Sterling Engraved; your watch will be shipped to your doorstep without any hidden additional price.

Poor engraving:

It is the juiciest part of the whole shopping, people draw themselves to your store for getting a designer engraving but if you fail them, there is hardly any second chance left. Engraving a metal requires careful attention and observation under the supervision of an expert. At Sterling Engraved you can barely find any designing mistake and we suggest best quotation for your needs. Our engravings are hard to get wiped off against daily friction and can shine even under minimal light exposure.

Absence of special customer care elements:

If you want to make customers come to your shop again and again then you need to deliver them something extra in terms of gifts or service. It will make you the best engraved pocket watches Company among the mass. This element was absent in most of the starters and that is the reason they failed succeed in the market. However, you can find the presence of this element in our service. You give lucrative discounts all the time and you can also avail further more discounts on your first purchase.

Do make a shopping at Sterling Engraved at gift an engraved pocket watch to your loved one under a beautiful gift-wrap with free home delivery service.

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Gifting is More Than What it Seems. Let’s Start with a Personalized Pocket Watch

Its often said that love has no season. This can be fairly related to the difference that it makes in our lives and the way it connects people with stronger bonds. Now talking about other people who are well into relations and those who actually socialise a lot more, they have to do a lot with gifting too. It can be better related that the more social and outgoing one gets, the more he/she needs to look after building better bonds, and there comes the concept of better and meaningful gifting. This is quite true that more gifting has a lot to say when it comes to building meaningful relationships. And so one needs to also understand the language of gifting to the core so love, affection and respect can be well communicated through gifting. The same is also something quite frustrating.

Charles Hubert 3851 $189.00
Charles Hubert 3851

I mean how do you feel when you have to gift something special to someone really special for you and you are losing out on creativity and thoughtfulness on what can be best gifted. Well I know, that’s a problem that exists with almost every other guy, or girl, doesn’t really matter much. And I am neither a psychologist nor a relationship expert, I just know it as of experience. That happens to me often and so can happen to others too. But the best way I could think of here is getting a personalised gift like a personalized pocket watch. Believe me a personalised gift with a personalised message really works out. It’s just a perfect gift for any occasion. Be it a wedding anniversary, a birthday or a retirement. A personalised watch engraved with a special message means a lot to anyone you gift it.

The only challenge that lies with personalisation of pocket watches, that too the ones from some of the most elite brands is the retention of the original lustre and glaze after the engraving is done. This challenge is rarely surpassed. However, some of the finest companies that work for engraving wrist and pocket watches do it the Picasso way. They crave out the real masterpieces out of the watches and really engrave them into unexpected beauty. The kind of art they present in engraving these beautiful personalised watches with custom messages and images, one can’t help but be a fan of these. Pocket watches which were once used by just the elite sections of the society, are now available in some of the most branded forms and these are the perfect masterpieces for gifting.

Charles Hubert 3534 $169.00
Charles Hubert 3534

As I just mentioned earlier, considering the concept of engraving watches helped me get on the right track of gifting and led me wide open with multiple options and ways of gifting, it just works the same for everyone. Let’s say if you are looking for a cute and lovely gift for your special someone, you might want to get a personalised pocket watch engraved with a special message that means a lot to your special someone, and if its someone’s retirement, you just need to get a watch with a different color theme and work on a different gift connotation and yeah you are all done with the mastery of gifting. So what’s holding you back guys? Go out, socialize and keep up the spirit of gifting right and win the hearts of your loved ones!

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Sterling Engraved Changes the Science of Gifting with The Best Engraved Watch for him in USA

With the approaching lovely summer months, one might easily fall into the misbelief that the season of hangouts, romance and gifting are all gone with those lovely autumn months and can’t be just pursued as yet in these hot summer months. This is however a misbelief. There are no seasons of gifting, one can gift anyone at any time. And of course, gifting is one of the best ways of conveying special messages to our friends. Well believe it or not gifting is a science and it needs to be pursued as it is meant to be done. When one gifts something to someone, be it on any occasion or just out of the blue, it always has something to say. Unless and until a gift is just so common that is usually presented on wedding to the couples or birthdays. These days most people just ignore the true meaning of gifting and are mostly into gifting things that are too common for the people whom it is gifted to, to notice the special meaning associated with it. Let’s say, one gifts a watch to someone in their birthday. This doesn’t seem to be anything different, special or well-thought gift. Gifts are respected and considered valuable not because of their monetary value but because of the amount of time and energy that is spent in thinking of the right gift for the person whom to gift. People need to understand this and focus on better gifting, those are more meaningful and value to themselves.

Wrist Watches
Wrist Watches

Now let’s say if you want to gift your husband something special and there are no such special occasions to gift. Neither his birthday, nor your wedding day or nothing special. Here comes the role of creative thinking. Well the best way to convey something to someone special is with a special message associated with a gift. Sterling engraved understands this importance of gifting and thus they have the best engraved watch for him in USA in their stores. It’s not just the great watches and the kind of beautiful engraving they do on them is what makes them famous. It is that they have a good sense of how well special messages can be engraved and presented to the person whom they are meant for. Whether it is about engraving the name for personalizing a watch for oneself or it is all about engraving special messages on a beautiful watch that would make the other person feel just so special. This is all the way it is done and the message engraving on the watch is taken care of.

BULOVA 96A118 $469.00
MEISTERWERK 1898G $129.00








So, what’s the wait for? You don’t have to wait for your wedding anniversary, the day you first met or the either of your birthdays. A special message is worth conveying and should be done with added specialness like the engraving it on a watch. Sterling engraved has the best engraved watch for him in USA in their stores and this reduces your hustle of getting to the right store for getting this done.

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Best Ways For Selecting the Right Engraved Watch for Men

Watches as we know have always been a part of men’s dressing and an adorable accessory for them. Most men generally crave a branded classic watch that best suits their personality. With the classy feel that a branded watch brings them, it is also in some way or the other related to their alpha characters. A great watch shows up their masculine character. Now when we speak of some really good looking watches with classic design, there are certain top brands that come to our mind. When one looks for a perfect thing to gift someone, and when that someone is a male, a beautiful watch is something that often comes to mind. But of course these watches as a gift have become too common these days and simultaneously boring.  With the rule of a few brands in the market over a certain period of time, some of the selected few have become the default ones to buy when it comes to watches. But with the coming of the concept of engraving watches, this monotonicity has been ruled out to some extent. With engraving watches, one can carve out the best possible customised watch for gifting which is a more special gift rather than one that just belongs to a good brand. However, there are certain things that one needs to consider while planning to find the best engraved watch for men. There are certain things that some men like to have in their watch while there are other characteristics that are not much preferred by men for their watches.

Bulova 96C113 $289.00
Bulova 96C113
Charles Hubert 3565 $149.00
Charles Hubert 3565








But as a matter of fact, every men are different and have their unique taste and style. The best way to know what makes a man like an engraved watch is to find out what is it that he keeps telling all the time or a phrase that he uses more often in his conversation. This technique goes well with men who are neither too formal nor very casual. One can choose to engrave their name in some form or a connotation that they use all the time. These days with the social networking world, it is easier to find it out. One can look up their Facebook or whatsApp status to find out what keeps hovering their mind most of the times. This way one can arrive at a perfect engraved watch for men.

When it comes to men who are very formal in approach and dwell mostly in the corporate world, the best engraved watch can be nothing other than the one that has their name written on them, or the initials of their name in formal fonts that speaks of corporate elegance. A great branded watch with formal engraving of their name on it forms a perfect watch for such men.

Bulova 98B249 $389.00
Bulova 98B249

Now, if the man you want to present this gift to turns out to be more casual and with a not-very-formal approach, the best way to engrave a watch for them is to write phrases like “friends forever”, “charming man” or something similar to these phrases. The motive of gifting them a watch perfect watch and with the perfect engraving that makes a perfect engraved watch for men, is to find something that best suits their personality. So, these techniques of studying and finding out what makes a perfect gift for your man helps you in getting the right gift for him which is often the door to most men’s heart.

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Buy the Best Wedding Gift for Your Friend – Get Engraved Pocket Watches Florida

In the event that you are searching for a wedding gift for your best friend or a close and dear relative why not consider giving the groom a vintage pocket watch. A lot of people experience considerable difficulties when deciding the correct gift for the bride and groom on their wedding which will make them feel happy and special. In some cases they would wind up purchasing gifts with less significance.

engraved-pocket-watches -Charles Hubert 3835 $159.00
engraved-pocket-watches -Charles Hubert 3835

It will be a special move on the off chance that you consider giving the groom a vintage looking sterling silver pocket watch. It is critical that you give something that will suit the lucky man’s personality and taste. He would be glad to receive this one of a kind pocket watch as gift. To make this even more special you can always consider gifting engraved pocket watches Florida where you buy a sterling silver pocket watch and get it engraved with a special message like a good luck message for their wedding, their wedding date or their names to commemorate the memory forever.

It is indeed a great wedding gift for men!

You can discover a wide range of gifts for wedding occasions in the market and the most renowned options are undeniably pocket watches, stogies, lighters, knives and so on. On the off chance that these things are some of your top choices however you are reluctant in light of the fact that these gifts are somewhat ordinary and the groom may have received such gifts in large numbers. In such case you can simply consider choices that are a little unique and out-of-the-box, like an engraved watch Florida. You engrave the name of the groom on the vintage pocket watch or even put some personal message that you like to make them feel special.

pocket-watches-Meisterwerk 1862 $149.00
pocket-watches-Meisterwerk 1862

Often jewelries are among the top choices for groomsmen. You can begin with adaptable elements, wristbands, neckbands, and anklets which can be viewed as personalized gifts for their specialists. You should consider your budget. In the event that cash is not your issue one of the best gift you can buy is the personalized adornments, for example, vintage pocket watch with the name of the groom engraved on it.

Get it in a proper gift box for that wow effect!

A proper watch engraving company will provide beautiful gift wrapping for that special effect. Gift boxes here and there make the gift considerably more vital. Engraved pocket watchers Florida in wonderfully wrapped gift boxes just makes the perfect wedding gift for your friend or cousin. In purchasing gifts for the groom you should keep an eye on your budget first. Vintage pocket watch is possibly a little expensive however in the event that you get one as gift for the groom he will definitely thank you and treasure it. He will fondly look at the watch and remember just how much you love and care for them.


Before going out to purchase the best gift for the groom it is best to evaluate first the intrigue the preferences and the aversion of the groom. In the event that you know him as a fan of extraordinary watches then it is an incredible choice to gift an engraved watch Florida.

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