Engraved watches USA: Secret shopping hacks to know


CARAVELLE 43B132 $159.00
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We have been gifting watches to our loved ones, colleagues, friends and other important people in our lives on special occasions for centuries. Watches have always had a special place in our hearts because of the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into building one and the fact that a beautiful watch could change the whole look of the wearer. Engraving a watch is done to make the gift just that much special. There are many small companies which sell low quality engraved watches of USA but you should always avoid them, because the quality of the watch is never up to the mark, and there is nothing worse than a gifted watch which breaks down after a few years. The things you should check before buying an engraved watch are:

  • The quality of the watch- this is the first and most important point you have to remember, an engraved watch is supposed to stay with the wearer throughout his/her life, so the importance of a great build quality should be top-notch. Usually, engraved watches can be bought for very cheap prices from certain places, but they use very bad quality watches, and the engraving is also not up to the desired standard.
  • Finding a design that would suit the wearer- watches are meant to reflect the wearer’s personality and charm, and should always go with the type of attire he/she wears on a daily basis. This is why you should take your time and decide which one you want to buy. Usually, a good dealer of engraved watches in USA should have a huge stock, because the choice of every person is subjective, and finding the right one is not at all easy if there are very few choices.
MEISTERWERK 1863 $149.00
CHARLES HUBERT 3575 $129.00
  • The quality of the engraving- you should easily understand the importance of a great quality of engraving in an engraved watch, it is the centrepiece, the main attraction of the whole gift. So the quality of penmanship, the lines, and the cursive is very important. If there are any mistakes then the whole thing becomes a bit useless. This is why you should always look for companies that have great user reviews because no one would ever advertise their failures, only users can say about that.
  • The presentation box- the whole idea of an engraved watch is that it is given to someone on a special day. So the box it comes in important as here it is not just something to carry the watch in. The box makes the first impression, so when the receiver takes the box in hand it has to feel special and unique.
  • Finding a good place to buy engraved watches in USA is not an easy task because every company advertises themselves as the best, but we can make your task a bit easier. Just go to the Sterling Engraved and check out all the great user reviews, this will be enough for you to get an idea of what a great watch seller we are. Also check out our diverse collection of watches and the engraving choices on offer. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

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Know exactly why an engraved watch from Sterling Engraved is far superior to others available in the market

engraved watch
engraved watch

Fancy accessories hold a significant role in the fashion industry. It may be pashmina scarf, a white gold bracelet or an Italian leather belt. Recently, engraved watches are creating a buzz in the fashion industry, and people are going crazy over it. You will find a lot of online retail store who offers specially designed engraved watches. Now, with lots of options, it is easier to get confused while purchasing. What, where and why are some of the questions that often come to one mind.

  1. The engravings:

As you pay for it, you should feel satisfied with the product too. While some website offers personalised watches at an affordable rate, it won’t be wrong to consider that they lack the essential feature, especially the engraving. We at sterlingengraved.com hires experienced artisans that provide an in-depth cut engraved that would last for years.

  1. The body of the watch:

While some people might be thinking, “a watch is just a watch, why to make a fuss about it?” well it’s not. Associating with a fashion statement has its rewards. When it comes to fashion, each piece of the puzzle should come unite to form an image. The shine of the watch, the quality of engravings, the dials and even the variety of the glass matters. If you choose an engraved watch, that looks too bland then It may get camouflage with your outfit.

An ideal design such as Meisterwerk 1898G comes with a brass gold-toned exterior; a scratchproof glass along with white dials is a perfect example of the visual pattern. While the Meisterwerk 1898G comprised of a silver-tone body, black hands dials with black Roman numerals, sets the ideal tone for fashion. Party or casual wear, a Metal-bodied watch is excellent for that extra glamorous look.

BULOVA 98B203 $349.00
BULOVA 98R178 $559.00
  1. Packaging and shipping:

Some distributors may lure you with no shipping charges but to cut off their cost they do not provide high-grade packaging. Apart from free shipping, a packaging from “Sterling Engraved” comes with a gorgeously engraved wooden box. To withstand the load of long-distance shipping, the packages are dispatched with an additional layer of safety.

  1. Customer Support:

Either you gift someone or use it for personal use; the purpose of an engraved watch is to deliver a sweet message. If you run out of fresh ideas or your friends have already taken the quote that you wished to engrave, we have our own support team, who will assist you to create you a personal message.

If you want to refine your fashion senses and add a new charisma to your personality, then come to Sterling Engraved.com and select an engraved watch from our vast collections, to upgrade the suave. We at Sterling Engraved have partnered with globally recognized luxury brands such as Meisterwerk, Charles Hubert, Caravel and Bulova, who are famous for their horology experts and mesmerizing artistry.

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Looking to Buy an Engravable watch for him? We are here for you

The dressing sense and outlook of a man reflect his personality that attracts everyone. Whatever it may be, either a business meeting or a family function, his attires make him look royal and presentable. Though every watch shows you the perfect time but certainly does not make you look special. A watch, especially an engraved one, works like a charm builder for every man. That is the reason; people gift their best male companions whether he is a father, or a brother, or a friend or a boyfriend with a watch. It acts both as a time keeper and love catalyst. But how exactly our personalized watches find their importance here? Let’s discuss it in a bit detail.

CARAVELLE 45A127 $179.00
BULOVA 96B220 $259.00


Personalized Watch- A new dimension of presentation

The Presentation Watch Company is always with you to celebrate the special day of your beloved ones.

A perfect gift for your boyfriend:

If you want to make your boyfriend’s birthday unforgettable, choose an engravable watch for him from our online store and engrave a love quotation behind. We offer customized wrist and pocket watch as per the requirement of our customers. Also, we can engrave a three-line quote on a separate plate of brass or nickel which can be presented with a watch.

For your son on his achievements:

If you want to gift your son something special on his first job then an engravable watch for him is also a best option. Our watches come with a hardwood presentation box. You can order it online and there is no shipping charge. The pocket watches are the new trend of style as they are more elegant and royal with personalized text. Sterling Engraved prepares watches that raise your fashion quota for sure.The watches are available in different colors, shape, style and designs for both male and female.

For your husband on your anniversary:

Surprise your husband on your anniversary by ordering an engravable watch for him. Engrave a sweet love message behind that will drag him to the past memory lane. He will feel more special and your love will strengthen further.

Other instances:

You can gift your employees, clients and business partners such watches engraved with company name, logo, icon or tag-line. We offer a wide range of products to celebrate every occasion of your life like birthday, graduation, anniversary, promotion, new job or retirement that makes the day more special. The text includes name, date, and small quote that can fit on a watch dial or the plate.

Make a smart move and place an order today!

CHARLES HUBERT 3835 $159.00
CHARLES HUBERT 3551 $179.00

If you are interested surprise your loved ones with a heart-touching gift, do visit the website of the Presentation Watch Company today. We have a large collection of customized watches from popular brands like Bulova and Caravelle. Make your relationship more strong with these unforgettable warm gifts. You can find verity ranges and styles of watches from the online section. For more information make a call to us on 800-208-1249.

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