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Watches are beautiful and they come in use of our day to day life. Therefore, they will remain as a main stay in jewellery section for long time. As the value of time is precious, everyone loves to give their near and dear ones popular watches as gifts or awards. It is a common practice to gift a person a valuable watch on his retirement from a company after a long period of service. Also when someone steps in his High School for the first time and the parent gift watches to make their children aware of the value of the time.

However a small change to the tradition can bring even more priceless expression on their face, one of such attempt is to engraving the watches with beautiful personal message. With a personal message on its cover from your side adds sentimental value to the item and can be best used to recognise individual achievements. In this regard, as a reputed engraved watch company, we at The Presentation Watch Company offer you beautiful wrist watches as well as pocket watches for both men and women. The section contains watches of different budget from which you can choose an ideal watch for your loved one. However our service doesn’t end here; we also engrave those watches with personal messages from your side and gift wrap them for you as presentation.

Engraved watches can be used as a perfect gift for any occasion; whether you want a gift for wedding anniversary or birthday, our special watches can fit against any of your needs. Sometimes, gifting a rare collection item like pocket watches creates special attention. Nowadays one can hardly see pocket watches on daily use. However if you gift a similar watch with an engraved message on its border it will create a special eyebrow raising situation for the gift opener.

Designing watches that we have:

About engraved watches

About engraved watches

You can navigate through our Wrist watch and Pocket watch sections to have a broad look over wide range of collections. They have been categorised depending upon the price range. Under Wrist watch section, products like Caravelle and Bulova are more popular. Even they have multiple sub designs; golden plated, stalling silver, chains type, bracelet types etc. A simple collection of leather band integrated watches are also available.

Now, if you want to make a long lasting impression with our gifts, you can go for pocket watch section. It contains artistically designed beautiful pocket watches from Charles Hubert and Meisterwerk. They are available both with and without chains. Adding a customised personal message on the shiny surface of golden or silver watches even triple folds the beauty.

To gift wrap them we can also provide hardwood presentation box those are artistically designed to buy anyone’s attention. Not only that you can also engrave it with a shiny metallic plate on the top with special message from your side. Adding more surprise to your kitty, we deliver the gifts to your doorstep at a free shipping cost. Isn’t that amazing? The aim of bringing smile on the face of shoppers by providing quality products and service under low budget has made us a reputed brand of engraved watch company within very less period of time.

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If you Want to Gift a Watch for Him in USA, Go for Sterling Engraved with no Second Choice

Men are more likely to face tough physical activity in their day to day live, whether it is their job life or personal one. So, they need the constant warm support from the opposite sex. If you are a mother or a sister or a caring partner, it is the responsibility to take care of your dependent even when you are not near to them. Though phone calls and social media messages can bridge the gap but are not that effective when it comes to support during emotional imbalance.

engraved watch for him
engraved watch for him

However, the solution to this problem can be seen through another lens. No matter how busy he may be, he will not stop glancing at his watch every now and then. That is why most consider gifting a precious watch to their beloved ones, as it will constantly remind them of the love and support they have from their nearer and dearer ones.

In addition to it, if you are engraving a sweet message on its shiny surface as a token of your love, the watch will no more be a coiled wire of metal for his wrist, rather, it will be a core connector of sheer emotional thread between you and him. You can gift a watch for him within USA through Sterling Engraved.

In this regard, at Sterling Engraved, you can find a range of elegant watches designed to carry a classic manly impression. The colors and collection of material are going to impress him for sure. They are designed not only to prove as appealing and unforgettable gift but also to add a new dimension to one’s personality as well.

You can get many opportunities of his life to show him your unconditional love as a mother or a wife or a sister. Like suppose, it is the first time he is stepping stone into his professional career, gifting an engraved watch for him with some ‘never-stop’ motivational quotes on back of it will keep stirring the warrior spirit inside him.

Similarly, if it is the first gift from your side for your boyfriend, show your inner affection through a premium Caravelle or Bulova watch from Sterling Engraved collections with a sweet lovely message etched to it. Men love these small adorable moments and that constantly bind them with their loved ones. Also the idea of this type of gifting works well for those mothers who stay at a long distance from their sons owing to job or family issues.

If it is the birthday of your grandparent and you want to gift him something that he used to like then go for the pocket watches of Sterling Engraved. Nowadays, it is rare to find someone carrying pocket watches, a gift like this is surely going to uplift his impression to a degree that you have not anticipated.

Charles Hubert 3851 $189.00
Charles Hubert 3851

If you are searching for such engraved watch for him in USA, go for Sterling Engraved. We offer you best quality watches than any other competitors. You can check the collection for both wrist and Pocket watches, they are artistically designed to carry high level of impression for the wearer. Also our service includes engraving beautiful message from your side on the shiny surface of those lovely watches. Not only that, we can gift wrap and can send it to person that you to.

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