Engraved Pocket Watches: A Modern Tradition Of Gifting

MEISTERWERK 1898G $129.00

Being an inevitable part of one’s dressing and personality, watches are always considered as an important accessory. Most people are very sceptical when it comes to choosing the right watches for them. Be it wrist watch or pocket watches, people has always had specific taste of what would look fine for them. Though wrist watches are used most commonly, pocket watches are used mostly by business people, and are mostly preferred for gifting. And what could possibly be a better platform to shop for beautiful and elegant pocket watches than Sterling Engraved. It has the greatest collections of branded pocket watches that looks really elegant and distinguishes you from the rest when you possess it. Though having pocket watches from cool brands makes one feel good, having it engraved with your name or a preferred connotation rather increases the sense of belongingness. Engraved pocket watches are the best gifting options for almost all occasions, be it a birthday, a marriage anniversary or a retirement farewell, it can be personalised as per your requirements and gifted. A personalised gift always has a deep and long lasting mark on one’s memory. When a one is gifted something with his name or a preferred connotation engraved on it, it actually increases the sense of belonging and makes them feel more special.

CHARLES HUBERT 3789 $129.00

Pocket watches were more commonly used in the 20th century and were largely used by business people and aged people. However, with some of the cool brands of the time venturing into these watches, it’s popularity among youngsters and working people has gained momentum in the last few years. A nice and elegant pocket watch is like a sign of elegance and thus makes the person possessing it feel good. Having such great attributes, pocket watches, especially engraved pocket watches makes the best type of gifting accessory. A pocket watch perfectly engraved is an elite asset and a lovely gift for almost all occasions. Again, it is quite easy to decide gifting someone an elite gift like a pocket watch having their initials or a preferred connotation, but it is bit difficult to get a good service provider who can engrave the watches as desired without at all hampering any inner structure of the watches. when it is an elegant, cool branded pocket watch. It is also that difficult to get a perfect service that can engrave it to the right perfections.

Services like Sterling Engraved are the best in the market that can do the engraving for you with end to end accuracy without at all hampering the watch structure. With such services in place, it becomes infinitely easier to wow your beloved ones with the right kind of engraved pocket watches that they can never take off their memories and thus strengthen the relationship bonds. So what’s left to think about? Just choose the right watch, get it engraved and let your loved ones know how much you care for them.

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Don’t Just Gift, Present It!

retirement watches

Watches makes wonderful gifts for all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement. A watch is always a memorable gift irrespective of the occasion it is gifted in and the person it is gifted to. But engraving a watch with a name or a personalized message or connotation, makes it even more memorable and special.  It can always be a special personal as well as corporate gift. Corporate occasions like retirement also demands a very special kind of gift as it comes just once in a lifetime and it’s also an  occasion where people needs to show the love and respect to the person retiring for the dedication he had been giving to the work and the organization. Most corporates prefer watches as the best gifting option at retirement of their employees. Engraved retirement watches add that extra speciality to the gift as of having a personalised message engraved in it. A watch engraved with a message for the retiring employee is not less than a grand token of love and respect shown to him for his time, hard work and dedication to the organization.  It is a gift one would love to keep lifelong and never lets it go. Such a beautiful gift of course deserves such kind of care.

Engraving a watch has also got the risks of damaging the dial or hampering it’s structure. So, one needs to be careful while engraving them. If done locally from engravers, there is always a chance of the watch getting damaged. However, there are professional and expert people who engrave watches of all types, all brands and for all occasions. There are experts who can get the right kind of engraving done for retirement watches. Though the engraving skills required are the same, but the way a watch should be engraved for different occasions differs, and the one needs to find the best people who can engrave the watches with maximum accuracy and better looks without hampering the watch in any way.

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Sterling Engraved is one of the leading service providers for engraving watches for all occasions be it marriage anniversary, birthday, retirement or just a special gift for special someone. It pays minute attention to the customer’s needs and customises the type of engraving done accordingly. Being one of the leading service providers in this field, one can expect the best ever services, and unforgettable gifts that become a lifelong memorandum. Especially, when it comes to retirement watches, the best kind of engraving is really important as it acts as a memorandum of the journey through the professional life of a person andit’sdefinitely more than just a gift. It’s a token of love and respect. Such a gift that is associated with so important a memory is literally a part of life and should be given detailed attention to. Sterling Engraved understands this and adheres to the needs of personalised gifting, thus strengthening relationship bonds, which is more than just a service.

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